Preach it Sister!

I talk a lot, to myself, to my friends, to clients, to Davo, to small groups of people and to large groups of people, in fact I will pretty much talk to anyone that will listen, actually take that last bit back… they don’t even have to be listening.

Anyway, the reason I am telling you this is because tonight, my words, my thoughts and ramblings were given a stage, you see, at the corps at the moment we are having the young adults take it in turns to share the word, or in other words, to preach the sermon, and tonight was my turn.

This is something that although I hate to admit it, I have been really nervous about, which is awkward because the main theme of my sermon was ‘Don’t Worry; Trust God’ so I literally had to practice what I was preaching.  I actually found the whole experience much more daunting then I thought I would, I guess I felt a bit of pressure to actually make sense as I rambled my way through the passage, to share something profound and helpful, to say something that wouldn’t leave people thinking, I can’t even remember what she was talking about.

Anyway the deed is now done, so to speak, and it went pretty well, even if I say so myself.  But  I guess I shouldn’t really be surprised because I had put my trust in God, and just like always he was faithful… seriously faithful.  I know that the reason why it worked, the reason why it was ‘successful’ if I can say that, actually had nothing to do with me…. And everything to God’s faithfulness.  And I guess I wanted to write this down and record it just in case my ego, or pride changed my mind and started telling me it was me, and my strength… because it wasn’t… it was all the Big Man.

Love is in the Air

There is something in the air at the moment… and I think it’s a thing called love… or weddings maybe… but hopefully love.  How do I know this? Well this week on Wednesday one of my friends at work got engaged, late last night I got a message telling me that my friends Miriam and Daniel were now engaged and today I have been to a high tea for my friend Flic in preparation for her wedding, a kitchen tea for my friend Bec who gets married next weekend (who was also one of my cell girls, which makes me feel very very old) and just now I have been out to dinner with two of my three bridesmaids, just because.

Now can you see why I am thinking that love and weddings are in the air?  Crazy ey?  I am not sure what’s causing this sudden influx of love, but I love it… pardon the pun.

Oh and today I ate the biggest meringue that I have ever seen in my life and it was amazing… check it out… oh and some of my other pictures from my adventures today…

Mission: SMS Rescue… Part 2

So here is the update… but if you have no idea what I am talking about, you best go back a few days and read part 1

I went home and attempted to fix my iPhone myself, but no such luck.  I found out later I had come pretty close, but just not qutie there.  So instead of resolving to tears… again, I decided that it was time to bring in the experts… or should I say Geniuses… so tonight, Dave and I (Dave had to come coz I told him I needed for moral support) have sat at the ‘Genius’ bar at the apple store for 3hours trying to get this problem fixed.  And I am very pleased to say that after a number of attempts at restoring, clearing out some files and then a final restore, I now have all my messages back.  Well not all, truth be told, I lost the SMS’ I had received since the 19th of July, but I figured that losing a week of SMS’ wasn’t so bad if I got 18months worth back, including all my nice little keepsakes from our engagement and wedding.  So while Dave may not agree, I am pretty sure that the hours spent in the Mac store tonight and those afterwards at home backing up all my SMS’ in pdf format, were hours and time well spent.

Anyway, I figured… perhaps as a celebration of all that I have got back, I would share with you one of my favourites message threads from Davo… (oh and I am the green writing… the one with all the cool, nerdarific, pictures)

Mission: SMS Rescue

I am shattered.  Seriously upset.  On Sunday my phone had a small melt down and has deleted all of my messages.  Now for most people this wouldn’t be a problem but I am a message hoarder.  In fact back in the good old days when inboxes only held a limited number of messages, I had little books which I would copy the messages into so that I could keep them forever (and yes I still have the books, and probably more embarrassingly I often flick through them just to see what I felt was important enough to record forever).  But with my iPhone, I stopped the habit, because the messages are stored conversationally, they weren’t in order for me to write out.  I had also been told that it was impossible to ever completely delete things from my phone, so naively I just left them there unprotected and now they are gone.  The thing is though I have only had my phone for 18months, so normally not that much stuff would have happened in my life over 18months and I could probably just get over it.  But in the last 18 months massive things have happened including getting engaged and getting married and all my favourite texts over this time are now gone and this makes me really sad.  I know that is ridiculous, but I am actually really really sad about the thought of them being gone.

Here is the thing though, knowing how hard it is to actually delete data on an iPhone, part of me believes they are still there… so the computer nerd in me is determined not to be defeated by this silly little phone.  A about a week ago, while backing up I lost a whole heap of photos, but after a few tears and some investigative research I got my pictures back and I am really hoping that I can do the same with my messages.  I am not holding my breath, but just in case I have stopped backing up my computer and my iPhone (only temporarily) in the hope that I can rescue my texts from an old iPhone sync… so tonight (I hope) I am going to start mission ‘sms rescue’ a stealth operation to retrieve lost data…

I will let you know how I go.

Wish me luck.

Family Recipe

Well its official, I am now completely a George.  I know that technically this was all official on May 14 when Dave and I got married, but for me, it really became official last night when I conquered an old family favourite recipe of the George’s.  You see yesterday was Davo’s birthday, so in an attempt to prove my wifely skills I took an ADO so that I had the whole day to make the perfect dinner, which it turned out was ‘Red Meat Casserole” and I am pretty sure I have pulled it off.  Davo was impressed which is all that really matters.

Why am I sharing this?  Well I guess it really took my by surprise how much getting this recipe, this meal, just right meant to me.  I have had the recipe since my kitchen tea and knew that at some stage I would have to try it, but even though its just a casserole, this hand written recipe handed to me by Dave’s mum, with the family names of George and Crocker (Dave’s Nanny’s surname) it almost felt sacred, special, like I had been let in completely to the family secret. And now that I have completed my task, I feel like my initiation into the family is complete.

It also made me wonder what I had to pass on and I have discovered to my surprise that I actually have a few things from my own family cookbook to pass on one day too, probably most notably my mum’s chocolate slice, which just between you and me is delicious, and I am sure that I continue to grow as a cook I will bring my own recipe’s to the table.  This is something I never really thought about, or never realised would be this important to me, as being a wiz in the kitchen has never really been a goal of mine, but all of a sudden, it is.  Perhaps its the ‘traditional wife’ in me, I don’t know, in fact I am not even sure how long it will last, but I am glad I have experienced this.  It makes me feel like I belong to both families, and that I have family traditions of my very own, that I will one day be able to pass onto my kids (when they come) and their families.

Oh and I made a killer cake… check it out!  Pretty good even if I say so myself!

A Fresh Start

My life is busy… really really busy, but despite this over th last little while I have really missed my blog… and blogging.  So I am starting again… again… with a new page and hopefully a new flair, as now that I am an old married woman, it only seems appropriate to start afresh.  Wordless Wednesday’s will be back (although… Wednesday seems to be my most boring day photo wise), and random tales of my adventures will be plentiful… I hope.

Something I always find difficult is to know where to start after such a long break, because I haven’t really blogged all year but that doesn’t mean my life has been on hold… a lot as happened.  Good stuff, bad stuff and in-between stuff.  I guess I could start with a blog about my wedding and the magical day that it was, or some of the crazy shenanigans that we have found ourselves in while planning for said wedding, or a blog about some of the changes my life has seen already this year.  I could start with the random things that happen to me day to day, or maybe even the things that have made me stop and think? I could start with any of this, but I am stuck… really stuck… because as soon as I start to type I begin to think, no one really cares about this stuff, seriously no one actually cares.  But as I have been reading through some of my old blogs I have discovered that I really care, and I really like having it there to read back on.  To look at the things that were important, my sad moments and happy moments all laid out in front of me.

So I think as I start again, I am blogging only for me… but you can read it if you want to.  I am going to share whatever I feel like and maybe even whenever I feel like.  And if its boring or silly or just not that good… its ok, because it is for me.  Having said that… I do like it when people read… so please… continue to stop by.

So here we are… blogging has officially started again…