A Fresh Start

My life is busy… really really busy, but despite this over th last little while I have really missed my blog… and blogging.  So I am starting again… again… with a new page and hopefully a new flair, as now that I am an old married woman, it only seems appropriate to start afresh.  Wordless Wednesday’s will be back (although… Wednesday seems to be my most boring day photo wise), and random tales of my adventures will be plentiful… I hope.

Something I always find difficult is to know where to start after such a long break, because I haven’t really blogged all year but that doesn’t mean my life has been on hold… a lot as happened.  Good stuff, bad stuff and in-between stuff.  I guess I could start with a blog about my wedding and the magical day that it was, or some of the crazy shenanigans that we have found ourselves in while planning for said wedding, or a blog about some of the changes my life has seen already this year.  I could start with the random things that happen to me day to day, or maybe even the things that have made me stop and think? I could start with any of this, but I am stuck… really stuck… because as soon as I start to type I begin to think, no one really cares about this stuff, seriously no one actually cares.  But as I have been reading through some of my old blogs I have discovered that I really care, and I really like having it there to read back on.  To look at the things that were important, my sad moments and happy moments all laid out in front of me.

So I think as I start again, I am blogging only for me… but you can read it if you want to.  I am going to share whatever I feel like and maybe even whenever I feel like.  And if its boring or silly or just not that good… its ok, because it is for me.  Having said that… I do like it when people read… so please… continue to stop by.

So here we are… blogging has officially started again…

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