Family Recipe

Well its official, I am now completely a George.  I know that technically this was all official on May 14 when Dave and I got married, but for me, it really became official last night when I conquered an old family favourite recipe of the George’s.  You see yesterday was Davo’s birthday, so in an attempt to prove my wifely skills I took an ADO so that I had the whole day to make the perfect dinner, which it turned out was ‘Red Meat Casserole” and I am pretty sure I have pulled it off.  Davo was impressed which is all that really matters.

Why am I sharing this?  Well I guess it really took my by surprise how much getting this recipe, this meal, just right meant to me.  I have had the recipe since my kitchen tea and knew that at some stage I would have to try it, but even though its just a casserole, this hand written recipe handed to me by Dave’s mum, with the family names of George and Crocker (Dave’s Nanny’s surname) it almost felt sacred, special, like I had been let in completely to the family secret. And now that I have completed my task, I feel like my initiation into the family is complete.

It also made me wonder what I had to pass on and I have discovered to my surprise that I actually have a few things from my own family cookbook to pass on one day too, probably most notably my mum’s chocolate slice, which just between you and me is delicious, and I am sure that I continue to grow as a cook I will bring my own recipe’s to the table.  This is something I never really thought about, or never realised would be this important to me, as being a wiz in the kitchen has never really been a goal of mine, but all of a sudden, it is.  Perhaps its the ‘traditional wife’ in me, I don’t know, in fact I am not even sure how long it will last, but I am glad I have experienced this.  It makes me feel like I belong to both families, and that I have family traditions of my very own, that I will one day be able to pass onto my kids (when they come) and their families.

Oh and I made a killer cake… check it out!  Pretty good even if I say so myself!