Mission: SMS Rescue… Part 2

So here is the update… but if you have no idea what I am talking about, you best go back a few days and read part 1

I went home and attempted to fix my iPhone myself, but no such luck.  I found out later I had come pretty close, but just not qutie there.  So instead of resolving to tears… again, I decided that it was time to bring in the experts… or should I say Geniuses… so tonight, Dave and I (Dave had to come coz I told him I needed for moral support) have sat at the ‘Genius’ bar at the apple store for 3hours trying to get this problem fixed.  And I am very pleased to say that after a number of attempts at restoring, clearing out some files and then a final restore, I now have all my messages back.  Well not all, truth be told, I lost the SMS’ I had received since the 19th of July, but I figured that losing a week of SMS’ wasn’t so bad if I got 18months worth back, including all my nice little keepsakes from our engagement and wedding.  So while Dave may not agree, I am pretty sure that the hours spent in the Mac store tonight and those afterwards at home backing up all my SMS’ in pdf format, were hours and time well spent.

Anyway, I figured… perhaps as a celebration of all that I have got back, I would share with you one of my favourites message threads from Davo… (oh and I am the green writing… the one with all the cool, nerdarific, pictures)

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