Love is in the Air

There is something in the air at the moment… and I think it’s a thing called love… or weddings maybe… but hopefully love.  How do I know this? Well this week on Wednesday one of my friends at work got engaged, late last night I got a message telling me that my friends Miriam and Daniel were now engaged and today I have been to a high tea for my friend Flic in preparation for her wedding, a kitchen tea for my friend Bec who gets married next weekend (who was also one of my cell girls, which makes me feel very very old) and just now I have been out to dinner with two of my three bridesmaids, just because.

Now can you see why I am thinking that love and weddings are in the air?  Crazy ey?  I am not sure what’s causing this sudden influx of love, but I love it… pardon the pun.

Oh and today I ate the biggest meringue that I have ever seen in my life and it was amazing… check it out… oh and some of my other pictures from my adventures today…