Jan Brady Hair

My hair has been growing pretty much since I chopped it all off when I was I was at uni and had it pretty short.  At the time I really liked my short hair, but decided that it was a ‘mum-cut’ the type of no fuss hair cuts that mum’s have coz they don’t have time to fuss over anything else and therefore started the process of growing it back out.  As it grew I couldn’t decided whether I liked it better long or short, but I figured that I should see it out and then before I knew it, I was getting married and needed to grow it for the wedding, so that the hairdresser would have some hope of making my super thin hair do something nice.

Anyway, the wedding has come and gone and with the help of the length, a hair piece and a million bobby pins (which took Dave and I 45mins to get out, much to Dave’s disgust) my hair looked pretty good, even if I say so myself.  But now it is super super long, longer than it’s ever been before I am pretty sure, I have noticed some new ‘hair behaviours’ that I don’t appreciate.

Apart from the malting, and getting stuck in everything, I have discovered I have ‘Jan Brady’ Hair.  What does that mean… well, if you cast your minds back to the episodes of The Brady Bunch, you may recall that when Jan walks, her whole body, but in particular her hair swings from side to side.  And now mine does too and I hate it.  Now, unlike Jan, my hair only swings when it is in a pony tail, but I still don’t like it.  I can’t stop it either, it’s not quite long enough to prop on my shoulder, but it’s too long not to notice.  I have tried changing the way I walk, and tucking it into scarves and things, but nothing seems to be able to control it… It just makes me look ridiculous.  Now, just so we are clear I am not just talking about a small moving in the breeze swing… my hair has soooo much movement it is out of control.  Sometimes it gets so much swing I can see the ends of my pony tail in my peripheral vision… my hair is out of control and I need help!

Luckily I am getting my haircut on Saturday… I am not quite sure how much I will cut off just yet, but I am hoping it will make a difference… although with less hair it might just be lighter and get even more swing… oh man this could be a disaster.


So I don’t know if its just today, or perhaps the whole week, but I have been reminicing a lot.  Anyway today I have found myself reading back over a lot of my old blogs and I thought perhaps it might be fun to ‘reflect’ on the things I have written on this date in the past, and it turns out that August the 4th is actually quite a popular blogging date.  In fact in all my blogs except one I have blogged something on the August 4. Some of the things that I have written aren’t that exciting, in fact most of them are about nothing in particular, in fact the one about burning beef, is actually a little bit off.. but it’s what I wrote at the time 5 years ago now.  Anyway these are the blogs that I have written on this same date but in the years gone by.  I hoping that I have developed as a writer in this time, but if you go by these, perhaps not, it appears I still have a long way to go.

August 4 2010 – Wordless Wednesday
August 4 2009 – Deadly Dexter

August 4 2006 – Parking Power

August 4 2006 – Burning Beef

Oh and you will be pleased to know (if you actually clicked the links and were had the thought cross your mind)…

  1. Dexter stopped whining, but now he just barks instead… but I do love him… even if he is silly and a little annoying.
  2. I still don’t know what the rules are on parking… and I think it is actually getting hard to trick the inspectors into thinking you having been there the whole time… I have heard they even use photos and scanners and all kinds of high tech equipment to catch you out these days.
  3. Just in case you are concerned I have not burnt any cows or pursued this matter further… although I have to addmit I am still curious.