One Month To Go

So today it the first of August and for me this is significant, I have one month to go…

Its one month today until spring, and although that is exciting, its not what I am refering to.  No, its one month today until I have to have everything unpacked and sorted at home.  I moved into Dave’s after we got married, and then once we got home from our honeymoon, I started the daunting process of moving all my things from my family home to my new home.  And you would think that this wouldn’t be that hard, but I have a lot of stuff… seriously a lot of stuff, and I just don’t know where it is all going to go.  So I decided that I needed to set myself a deadline because I really don’t want it just sitting there indefinatly, so the dead line I set, about a month ago, was the end of August… which is now one month away.

My progress so far has been good, I have now moved all of my stuff out of Dad’s and physically put it inside my place, but it remains in boxes, filling up both the study and the spare room, which I think is starting to irritate Davo.  Every now and then, when I am feeling motivated I pick a box and unpack it, but now I have gotten to the last few boxes (‘few’ is quite misleading, its probably 15boxes, but they are the last 15).  These are the boxes of stuff that have been there since before I moved to Castlemaine in April 2009, or things I boxed up when I left castlemaine late last year and have just never dealt with.  Now I know if I haven’t used in this time, I should probably just get rid of it, and trust me I have been ruthless in my sorting.  In fact when moving my clothes I gave away 8 bags of clothes and shoes alone, and this was on top of the the 5 bags I gave away last year when I moved back home.  But the thing is I can’t just through it out without know exactle what it is… just in case.  I hate losing things, so I just can’t stand the thought of randomly chucking stuff out, perhaps I have a little bit of hoarder in me, who knows.  So the thing is now that I have gotten down to these boxes, the motivation is just not there, they are boxes I don’t want to sort through because I know its going to be annoying and boring.  Its not the exciting things anymore, like books and DVDs… its just the paper work left… but it needs to be done and I need to get onto it now, otherwise I won’t make my deadline.

The thing is I am actually really looking forward to the end result, having everything unpacked and then getting to the fun bit of making it all work, rearranging and changing, and ‘making our house a home’, but I can’t do that until I have done these boxes… these last annoying boxes, full of things that have no place.

Ok, I have a month… so I need to get of the computer and start unpacking… wish me luck.