The Most Awesome Pen EVER!

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!!! I am now the very proud owner, thanks to a very generous friend, of the coolest pen in the whole wide world! It is seriously amazing… and every time I use it… it shocks me by how incredible it is!

What’s so amazing about my new pen I hear you ask? Well it is erasable… yep that’s right you can rub the ink out… like a pencil… ridiculous. Now I am not talking about those old school rubbers that they used to trick you with in primary school… you know the half half ones with a pencil eraser on one side and a ‘pen eraser’ on the other which never actually removed penbut often actually just ripped the paper underneath the pen?

Well this pen actually rubs out… I have no idea how it works, but I love it. But not only to I now have this erasable pen… I also have an erasable highlighter… crazy ey… like thats erasable texta… it blows my tiny mind. In fact it’s so impressive… I have made a little picture demo for you…20110915-105918.jpg

It does make me wonder how they work… or why they took so long to come up with. It also makes me very careful where I use my new pen because I don’t want it rubbed out by accident if it is meant to be permanent, but I think around the house, for my shopping list… to impress my friends… these pens are definitely worth it.

But… if anyone does know how they work… please let me know…


The impressed, but Curious George

The Disney King Returns

So I am just writing a really really quick blog to tell you so very very very exciting news… Today is the day… yep that’s right… today is the day. Today is the day that The Lion King is re-released in cinemas and this time its in 3D… which doesn’t really excite me that much because I don’t really enjoy 3D Movies… but I am just glad its back.

Here are 5 reasons why I am excited it has finally returned:

1. It is an amazing movie… there is laughter, tears, sadness, happiness, joy, pain… you get the idea… it’s epic and legendary… Oh and it is just so colourful and pretty!

2. When it was first released in 1994, I was too young, in fact I was in grade 2… I didn’t like the said bit in the middle so was never truly able to appreciate the whole movie… In fact most of the time, I watched the first half and then fast-forwarded to the bit where Simba meets Timon and Pumba and its “Hakuna Matata” for the rest of the movie. So now I will get to watch it the whole way through… there may still be tears but I will be able to sit through it this time.

3. Because it’s such an amazing film… I get to see it at the movies again, without feeling like an idiot for seeing it as an adult without any children.

4. For a very short period of my life, others will be in love with all things (granted mostly lion king based at this time) Disney almost as much as I am… in fact it may even make me feel normal, rather than obsessive.

and 5. If it is coming out at the movies, that means very very soon it will be re-released from the vault on DVD and hopefully blue ray which means after waiting and waiting for about 8 years for it come back out the vault after being silly enough to miss it last time (due to the fact that I didn’t fully comprehend the impact of the vault at the time), I will finally own it on DVD… This means that my collection is getting one step closer to being completed. In fact, this really is the final piece of the puzzle because the other movies in the collection of 50 Disney Animated Feature Films that I am missing I am not that fussed about… but this is the last one that I have really wanted. But just to clarify… of the ‘chosen 50’ (chosen by disney not me) these are the ones I am still missing…

No. 6 Saludos Amigos – 1942
No. 7 The Three Caballeros – 1944
No. 8 Make Mine Music – 1946
No. 9 Fun and Fancy Free – 1947
No. 10 Melody Time – 1948
No. 11 The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad – 1949
No. 22 The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh – 1977
No. 32 The Lion King – 1994
No. 39 Dinosaur – 2000
No. 45 Home on the Range – 2004

And now it is almost in reach and I am very very very exctied…

What is a Friend?

Recently I have been thinking a lot about friends, and not just who my friends are, but also what it means to be a friend.  I think for a long time I have thought of myself as a bad friend in many ways as I am often hard to contact, I take a long time to get back to people and sometimes I am just too busy for my own good.  But as I have gotten older, and as my life has been turned up-side down by the events of the last 2years, both good and bad, I have really had to think about, and challenge the reasons behind some of the friendships I find myself in, and whether or not they are ones that I want to continue and therefore actively be better at, or ones which perhaps have changed and for one reason or another aren’t ever going to be quite the same again.  I guess also in this, I have started to take time to think more carefully about who I choose to have around me, who I choose to let feed into my life.  And from there I guess, which friendships I have because they are good for me, which I have because they are good for the other person and which I have because they are good for both.

I guess what’s caused this stir up is that in my own life I have learnt a couple of really important lessons over the last little while, and when it really comes down to it, whether I like it or not I have changed and my life has changed.  I think I have learnt that life is too short to waste time pushing friendships that just aren’t working and bending over backward for people who just don’t care.  I have learnt that when I make friends, I now make them for two, and even though Dave would never stop me from hanging out with people, it makes a huge difference if he like them or gets along with them or not.  I guess I have also witnessed how toxic bad friends can be and started actively guarding my heart a little more.  I have also grown up and I think because of that, started to expect that people behave in a certain way and therefore have been challenged by behaviours that either just don’t meet my standards or are just rude, and have questioned where this then fits in my life.

This is quite a turnaround for me, because this time last year when I was living in Castlemaine I felt as though I really had my eyes opened to how important my friends were and now here I am talking about true friends… and who makes the cut.  In fact in the that blog I said something very profound, I said

“It’s so easy to get caught up in what’s happening in your own world that you lose touch with the people that helped you get to where you are, so when you get a chance to stop and just hang, it’s nice and something that I am really learning to value.”

And this is still true and perhaps I have just let my own life get in the way again rather than appreciating those around me. But I guess I am also someone that believes in ‘seasons of life’ and the fact that friendships also have seasons and sometimes it’s ok to let go.  In fact in one of my favourite musicals, Wicked, there is a song that talks about this… the lyrics of the first verse of ‘For Good’ say this:

I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow
If we let them
And we help them in return
Well, I don’t know if I believe that’s true
But I know I’m who I am today
Because I knew you

I know that God plays a massive part in prompting friendships and relationships and that there is purpose for these friendships. But I guess at the moment there are a few friendships that I have were sometime I get hurt more often than not, where I am constantly disappointed, or let down where I can see a need to love and to care and support, but where my actions are not appreciated or worse, taken for granted.  And I guess my question is when is enough, enough… I know the bible talks about forgiving 70 x 7 times… and ultimately limitlessly and it highlights how much more we have been forgiven for and that instead we should love, love, love.  But is it ok to say no, to walk away? I don’t know, I have lots of people that say yes, but my heart for these friends in particular through the hurt and frustration says… no, stick it out.

I don’t really expect anyone to have the answer, but I am just sharing my thoughts on where I am at the moment… perhaps it’s me that still needs to grow, to learn to speak up, to explain, to guide and to not be walked over… or perhaps it is time to let this season finish… I don’t know… I guess I am still working it out.

It’s Not About How I Feel

As I think I have previously mentioned on this blog times have been changing at my salvo corps, for the past 8 weeks while we have been leaderless, the young adults have been stepping up and having a go at preaching, coordinating and generally getting involved, and it has actually been really good, like seriously good. I have been blown away by the things I have learnt, the hidden talents of my friends and by the way that God has just so very very very clearly had His hand on the whole thing, guiding, prompting and using us in a huge way. In fact part of me is a little sad that it’s all over, but I think that it’s actually just the beginning… but that’s a different blog.

Over the last 8 weeks even though its been very powerful and we have (with lots of help from the big man of course) ‘pulled it off’ so to speak, there have been lots of frustrating times, challenging situations and sometimes I just haven’t wanted to do it any more. Last night I shared a video about worship which thanks to facebook’s news feed I had found, which talked about how we just go through the motions and make worship about us… in fact you can watch it for yourself…

At the end of the video I talked about the fact that sometimes I feel like just going through the motions and getting my ‘worship face’ on because I just couldn’t be bothered giving it my all, but that actually God calls us to more and that He deserves more, so much more. I was then reminded by a very wise man that it’s not actually about how we feel at all. In fact what we feel like doing is often irrelevant because God is bigger than feeling. This idea is something that I had heard before, but I had forgotten, being the emotional, feelings based person I am. I am so glad that God is bigger than my feelings and that he is steadfast in His love. I am so glad that he doesn’t actually call us to be ‘in the mood’ but instead just to be obedient and that he actually honours our faithfulness when we are obedient even when we don’t feel like it. I am glad that God’s brain isn’t based on the flippant emotions that I feel… I am glad that he does have emotion and that we are able to experience his emotion, both good and bad, but that it isn’t his emotion that calls the shots, but instead his heart of love, justice and mercy… I am also thankful that he used his obedient servant to remind me of this.

Yellow Chocolate?

The title of this blog is ‘the most curious george’ which just between you and me I am pretty impressed with… because you know… its like curious George the monkey… and now I am a George… so it’s a pretty impressive play on words… ok, maybe its just me but I like it…. I feel like I have stepped up into the world of other blogs with cool name plays like The Freind’s who have “Freindly Fire” and the “Friendly Sparrow“.

Anyway that’s not the point, the point is if the blog is called ‘the most curious george’ its only fair that every now and then I am actually curious about something… perhaps I should make that my blogging criteria… maybe I always need a question… hmmmm, that’s not such a bad idea…. Anyway the time has come for a question, and it’s a question that I have been pondering for a while now.  I haven’t actually done anything to actively seek out an answer, but I still wondering…  Are you ready for it?  My first official blogged curiosity? Ok here it is…

What is the Yellow Chocolate?

Let me explain, you know those old school chocolates where you get chocolate melts almost, they are small about the size of a 20 cent piece… wait I have a picture:

They usually come in milk chocolate, white chocolate and then the yellow one.  That’s what I want to know what is that yellow one?  Is it a half milk, half white… and if so why is it yellow?  Is it a honeycomb type flavour that’s just not very strong… is it just a dyed white chocolate?  And if it is what is it’s purpose?

If some one would kindly explain what it is? Where it has come from? And… Why it’s always there? That would be most appreciated…


The truly Curious George.

Try Hard Anthropologist

So my last blog was all about how I was going to be more honest with this new blog, let you into who I am am and what makes me tick… we I have had my first challenge with this.

This week I found out some news that I am very excited about… no I am not pregnant… just in case you went straight to that… No, this news is much less serious, but perhaps a lot more embarrassing. This week I found out that big brother is set to return in 2012. (Well according to this article at the herald sun anyway).

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I have blogged about big brother… in fact way back when they were in lots of trouble for being a little naughty, i felt I needed to blog, but what I failed to mention in the that blog was the fact that I loved big brother… and I mean loved it, like I would follow their daily activities via the website loved it!  I have been a secret fan for a long time… and I guess that’s not so secret now, and in fairness to myself, the height of my addiction was while I was at uni and really had way too much free time on my hands… but I am not going to lie… I am very very very excited that it is coming back.

I think what draws me in the most is that I love to watch people… I guess that’s why I like the blogs that I do, I like to know how people work, why they do the things that they do. How they interact with each other. Perhaps I should have been an anthropologist so that I could watch all day everyday, but I am not… So instead I do it as a hobby.  Although, sometimes it gets me in trouble because I tend to stare at people, couples, families, whoever, especially while I am on holidays where I am away from those I know, and apparently, according to Dave, I am not very subtle.  In fact just this morning inbetween my patients at clinic I found it very interesting to observe from the safety of my offive how many people would use the single toilet despite the fact that the light doesn’t work in there.  Of the 4 people I noticed heading to the toilet 3 chose to go in the dark… only one went to the toilet next door which has a light that was already on… crazy… who goes to the toilet in the dark?  Granted the other toilet has a disabled and baby change label on the front… but seriously… in the dark… that’s just asking for trouble.

Anyway, I guess the point I am trying to make is that big brother makes this little personality quirk of mine acceptable, whether that’s right or wrong. It actually provides an opportunity for me to just watch and not get ‘caught’. Actually now that I am typing it out it sounds kind of creepy, but its not… its all above board so to speak, and I am still excited about it’s return…

Who I am…

I have been thinking this morning about the ‘theme’ of my blog… that is it’s appearance, and I am not sure I like it… it doesn’t feel like me… So I have started the process of finding just the right theme, just the right first impression for the people that read my blog.

I think that one thing I really wanted with this blog was to be a little more honest, rather than it just a glorified primary school diary.  But I guess like anything else on the internet it’s easy to hid behind graphics, words and the fact that you can really tell the world anything that you want to and no one can actually check that it’s true.  I guess the hard thing for me is that you actually know who I am, the people that read this are usually my friends and family, the people that I see on a regular basis, or I guess when it comes down to it the people whose options I care about, so it’s a scary thought to let people in.  I guess by sharing my life I also share the stories and the relationships of those around me and that is a scary thought too because then my words impact more than just me.  I guess too, I have a healthy sense of internet security and don’t really want to go into all the details of my life because I know that once it’s on the internet… it stays on the internet.  So I guess I am guarded in how much I share about the things that really challenge me coz I don’t want them to come back an bit me in the butt so to speak.  The thing is though when I look at the blogs I like to read… they are the ones that are raw, they talk or personal struggle and triumph, of pain and joy, and they actually allow me to share someone’s life with them, to learn from what they have learnt… and that’s what I want.  I know this isn’t the first time I have blogged about this, but it’s something that I don’t think I have achieved since I last posted it, but I am freshly inspired… thanks to a few of my blogging buddies and their courageous honesty.

So here is too another fresh start of sorts… to a more honest blog, one that actually shares my thoughts not just my deeds. One that actually says this is me… this who I am.   A blog that actually shares my curiosities about life… not just my whinging, but one that asks questions and shares the answers as I find them… or the new questions I have on my quest.