Wow… What a Month

I have lost my blogging confidence again, and for that I am sorry, once again I am doubting whats worth writing and whats not, what people will want to read and what they will not, but once again I have had to remind my self that this blog is for me… not you, although I hope you enjoy it, it’s for me.

So here we are the 4th day of spring and I am busy… well… clearly not right at this very moment, but my life over the last little while has been nuts. Here are some of the things that have gone down… which I haven’t blogged about… it is a long blog but I have broken it down into bit size pieces… enjoy:

We ate a massive load of duck to celebrate the 23rd year of my brother’s birth…and it was delicious…. so delicious.

Dave has been MIA – well again, kind of… September sees Dave’s first Musical Director gig at his new school, and because the musical they have chosen to do is the epic “Sound of Music” he has been busy busy busy, doing lots of extra rehearsals out of his normal school hours… I guess this makes me the newest musical widow… Although its seems to be the month for it because before the Sound of Music, Dave was busy with the YP Anniversary 2011 which was also a musical but this one was all about Jonah.

In fact, its not just Davo that has been busy with the kids I have also been flexing my children’s ministry muscles this month just gone,  not only have I made some very cool cup cakes, kept children under control while waiting for the signal from dave, started taking the timbrels while Jude is away and hung out with the coolest prayer pal in the world! But I think that last Sunday really topped it off, I also got to lead over 100kids in worship, with crazy singing, dancing and jumping around at this years Eastern Vic Kids Big Day Out, which was super fun.  Although it did take me a little longer to recover than I would have liked.  Being so involved with the kids again has made me realise how much I love working with them, and perhaps even need to return at some stage (although not just now).  In fact it made me a little nostalgic so I have added this little link to my previous times in children’s ministries just so I can reminisce a little bit more.

Weddings Weddings Weddings – I have been lucky enough to attend two weddings this much, one for Bec and Michael, which feel like forever ago on the 6th of August and the second for Felicity and Michael last Saturday the 27th of August, and just in case you weren’t sure yes… they were different Michael’s…  Both weddings were really different, and I think that perhaps reflected on my relationships with brides.  Bec was one of my cell girls when she was growing up, so her wedding , made me feel very old, but in a good, motherly, way.  It took me a long time to comprehend that this girl, now woman, who I had watched grow up was now getting married.  Where as Flic was one of my uni mates, so my emotions were a little different, they weren’t reflective, but rather, excited to see my good friend so happy and excited to be able to share this next chapter of her life.  Both were beautiful, and reminded me just why I love weddings soooooo much.  Oh and both brides looked amazing!  I felt so privileged to be part of their special days

I have swapped jobs – well kind of.. my position was a ‘rotating’ one which means that from time to time, (usually about every 6months) I have to swap sites, so this last week I spent a few half days being orientated to my new sites and this week I have been flying by the seat of my pants trying to work out what on earth I am doing at my new site, getting lost, asking silly questions and generally feeling a little more useless than normal, but give me a week or two and I will be ruling the roost again.  My new sites aren’t quite as busy as my old one, which means I am actually getting time to do all the things that I need to do in the day, which is a very pleasant change.

Oh and I also had my first batch of Australian bananas in I don’t know how long…. and boy were they good, I can’t wait until the prices go down a little bit more and I can have them all the time.

So there you go… that was August, crazy ey?  I am really hoping that September slows down just a little bit, but I am beginning to think that that’s unlikely… I think this is just life… but it would be nice if it slowed down just for a little bit.

2 thoughts on “Wow… What a Month

  1. Loved reading about what you have been up to Em. I really hope that this month does slow down a bit for you. You are an amazing young lady and I love you heaps! Try and get some time for yourself and also something for you and Dave together. Love Mum

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