Trying Something New

So after years of being a faithful ‘blogspot’ blogger, I am trying something new.  For a long time now, people have been telling me to get into wordpress, because ‘it’s heaps better’ but until now I haven’t given it a good go.  I have played ignorant and let all the extra features of wordpress scare me.  However today I have decided its time to give it ago and so I have been playing around put all my old blogs onto this one so that now both my blogger and my wordpress blog are up to date and giving me a chance to get my head around exactly how this wordpress thing works, and I think I am going to like it…  but because I am a committaphobe I am going to keep the two going for a while and just see what happens, see which one I like better… maybe see which one gets the better reaction.

I must admit though I am liking wordpress so far… I can load straight to my twitter feed… I can show you all my instagram pictures, and it just seems to fit a little better, all my social media in the one spot… but its still early days… so we will wait and see.

I should be embarrassed about how bad I am feeling about leaving blogspot… its a little sad… but I don’t… I get attached to what I know, I guess I am just not as good with change as I thought I was.

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