Try Hard Anthropologist

So my last blog was all about how I was going to be more honest with this new blog, let you into who I am am and what makes me tick… we I have had my first challenge with this.

This week I found out some news that I am very excited about… no I am not pregnant… just in case you went straight to that… No, this news is much less serious, but perhaps a lot more embarrassing. This week I found out that big brother is set to return in 2012. (Well according to this article at the herald sun anyway).

Anyway, this isn’t the first time I have blogged about big brother… in fact way back when they were in lots of trouble for being a little naughty, i felt I needed to blog, but what I failed to mention in the that blog was the fact that I loved big brother… and I mean loved it, like I would follow their daily activities via the website loved it!  I have been a secret fan for a long time… and I guess that’s not so secret now, and in fairness to myself, the height of my addiction was while I was at uni and really had way too much free time on my hands… but I am not going to lie… I am very very very excited that it is coming back.

I think what draws me in the most is that I love to watch people… I guess that’s why I like the blogs that I do, I like to know how people work, why they do the things that they do. How they interact with each other. Perhaps I should have been an anthropologist so that I could watch all day everyday, but I am not… So instead I do it as a hobby.  Although, sometimes it gets me in trouble because I tend to stare at people, couples, families, whoever, especially while I am on holidays where I am away from those I know, and apparently, according to Dave, I am not very subtle.  In fact just this morning inbetween my patients at clinic I found it very interesting to observe from the safety of my offive how many people would use the single toilet despite the fact that the light doesn’t work in there.  Of the 4 people I noticed heading to the toilet 3 chose to go in the dark… only one went to the toilet next door which has a light that was already on… crazy… who goes to the toilet in the dark?  Granted the other toilet has a disabled and baby change label on the front… but seriously… in the dark… that’s just asking for trouble.

Anyway, I guess the point I am trying to make is that big brother makes this little personality quirk of mine acceptable, whether that’s right or wrong. It actually provides an opportunity for me to just watch and not get ‘caught’. Actually now that I am typing it out it sounds kind of creepy, but its not… its all above board so to speak, and I am still excited about it’s return…

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