The Most Awesome Pen EVER!

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness!!! I am now the very proud owner, thanks to a very generous friend, of the coolest pen in the whole wide world! It is seriously amazing… and every time I use it… it shocks me by how incredible it is!

What’s so amazing about my new pen I hear you ask? Well it is erasable… yep that’s right you can rub the ink out… like a pencil… ridiculous. Now I am not talking about those old school rubbers that they used to trick you with in primary school… you know the half half ones with a pencil eraser on one side and a ‘pen eraser’ on the other which never actually removed penbut often actually just ripped the paper underneath the pen?

Well this pen actually rubs out… I have no idea how it works, but I love it. But not only to I now have this erasable pen… I also have an erasable highlighter… crazy ey… like thats erasable texta… it blows my tiny mind. In fact it’s so impressive… I have made a little picture demo for you…20110915-105918.jpg

It does make me wonder how they work… or why they took so long to come up with. It also makes me very careful where I use my new pen because I don’t want it rubbed out by accident if it is meant to be permanent, but I think around the house, for my shopping list… to impress my friends… these pens are definitely worth it.

But… if anyone does know how they work… please let me know…


The impressed, but Curious George

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