10 Reasons Why…

So since I became a little obsessed with my blog, I have been doing a bit of blog talent scouting… so to speak, you know, checking out other random sites to work out what I like and don’t like, what might be fun to try, and what I will give a miss, what things keep me reading and what turns me off… and one of the things I realised is that I am a sucker for a ‘Top 10’.  They don’t even have to be a ‘Top 10’ of something good… just a top ten… or five… or even a random number like 6.  Anyway, as a result I thought I would try my own ‘Top 10’ just to see how it feels… because who knows maybe I will do it again and it will become a regular part of my blog.

So without further ado here is my Top 10…

10 reasons why I am glad I am a dietitian and not a nurse or other allied health professional…

  1. My identifying stickers in patient histories are pink… and lets face it who doesn’t love a pink sticker.
  2. I get to play with plastic food whenever I feel like it…
  3. I don’t have to touch really sick people all the time, only every now and again…
  4. I get to do 9-5ish… There isn’t any shift work, and most of the times my weekends and public holidays stay intact.
  5. I can’t accidentally kill anyone.
  6. I love food a lot… And it’s important to know what’s new in ‘my industry’… Aka.. My supermarket, therefore I have the perfect reason to try all the new things in that I think might be tasty… or a little weird.
  7. People generally don’t ‘have a fall’ on my watch… and if by some crazy chance they do I don’t have to pick them up.
  8. People generally like food more than exercise, or needles or being sick, or being washed by someone else.
  9. I don’t have to watch people shower, or on the toilet or in fact in any compromising situation.
  10. I get to talk about poo, not clean it up or wear it home.

So there you go… my top 10 reasons I am glad I am a dietitian and not something else that works at a hospital!

PS…. this post was just posted from my new study… thanks to Davo who really is the Best Husband Ever. (for proof check out yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday)

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