The Circle of Life

So firstly I just need to apologise for not blogging for a few days, I haven’t been very well, but I am back, so never fear.

Anyway, I guess today’s blog is a bit of a sad one, yesterday I attended the funeral of a friend of mine’s mum, it was a really sad day, as we said goodbye to a mum, a sister, a wife, and a friend that was most definitely gone too soon.  And while I don’t really want to dwell on the funeral all that much, I guess that’s where the blog has started, because it was because of the events of yesterday that I find myself sitting here writing.

Yesterday I was just reminded that we really do belong to a circle of life, and there is no denying it, and I was reminded this for two reasons.  The first thing that reminded me of this was the fact that the last time I had seen this particular friend and two of my other really good mates from school was at my wedding, celebrating a different kind of life milestone, one that is much happier, yet here we all were together again less than 6 months later, celebrating a life that was now gone.  It was just confronting I supposed to have these two significant events, so close together and with just the business of everyday life in between. The second thing that reminded me was another of my friends told me about a baby that had just been born, in fact, the baby was born at the same time as my other friend’s mum had died.  It just seemed so difficult to comprehend that one had gone and another arrived at the same time, but in a weird way it also made sense, as I guess as that’s what makes it the circle, its not’s complete until it restarts, I guess it just seems unfair that one must go so soon sometimes.

Today also made me realise how important time is, and that it really shouldn’t be taken for granted.   Sometimes I think I waste a lot of time, or think I will put things off, send that card later, make that call next week, but I guess it’s a risky game to play because we don’t always get next week, or tomorrow, and things need to be done straight away or they won’t be done at all.   I think that it was a good reminder to hold and cherish those I love, and to not to take the time, the laughs, the love for granted, but to savour it, always savour it.

One thought on “The Circle of Life

  1. Great blog Em! When you started, I thought that this blog was going to be something to do with ‘The Lion King’ (circle of life). Life is very hard sometimes, but when we think about it, everything that happens seems to have a place and reason somehow. Life is precious, we need to grab hold of it with both hands and make every moment count for good. Love ya!

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