Being Mrs George

So I have now been Mrs George, or ‘Mrs G’ as Dave’s students tend to call me for a whole 6 months and its gone really really quickly, in fact I can’t believe we are 6 months down the track, it just doesn’t feel that long.  I have been trying to think of things I have learnt in the last 6 months or ways that I have changed, but to be honest, I still feel like the same old me, except that now when I go home Dave is there too, although it seems that if I actually want to spend time with him, I still need to pre-organise just like before.  I am sure that I have changed because that is what tends to happen as you get older, or change your environment.  I am sure I do somethings differently, I am sure I think about things in a slightly different way, but I think at the moment its safe to say there haven’t been any major changes… and if there have been I am yet to notice.

Anyway, seeing as I am really no different than I was before I thought instead of profound life changes I would share my top 10 moments of married life so far, some highlights if you will, of my first 6 months of being Mrs George, oh and they are in no particular order because they are all wonderful:

1.  Our amazing suite at the langham for our Honeymoon… It was amazing, amazing views, amazing service, amazing company and just ask Dave… it was huge:

2.  Our overseas honeymoon to Disneyworld and New York… what’s not to love about Disneyworld or New York for that matter… they are pretty much the coolest places on the planet.  It was so nice after all the frantic planning and preparation for the wedding to just be able to hang out and do some pretty cool stuff while we were at it.  I love all things disney and all things theme park so being able to spend 8 days in the most magical place on earth was beyond comprehension.  New York was also incredible, because both Dave and I had already done the tourist visit of NY, we got to the live the high life, sleep in, shop, have dinner, see a show… awesome.  Some particular highlights of the trip include:
– The first moment when you see the castle in disney world
– Being able to wear Miney Mouse ears for 8 days straight and being completely normal
– Standing in the warm summer night air watching the fireworks over the castle
– Rounding out our wedding experince by seeing Jesey Boys on last time
– Casually strolling through central park
– Church at Brooklyn Tabernacle – it was like sitting in a CD recording… amazing.

3.  Being able to go away whenever we want, just because we can, no double checking with mum and dad, just packing the car and going, wether it be to Inverloch, Warnambool or just for a drive to who knows where.  It’s nice to just spend that time together too.   Oh and when we go away with the big band now we get to stay together… coz now we are married and all, no more 30cm rule for us.

4.  Being Wifey… I think making Dave’s birthday cake and favourite meal for his birthday was fun, but I think more than that I have liked being a wife… not that I really have to do that much because Dave is a pretty much a Domestic God in his own right, but I do like making house.

5.  Getting my very own Tupperware – what can I say no household is complete without it, and now I have some of my very own… filled with baking goodness

6.  Being the proud Mrs George watching Dave do his thing during at school.  I don’t think I could have been prouder than I was watching Davo conduct for The Sound of Music, or mastering the sound desk for Star Trek he is an amazing teacher and the school is very lucky to have him.  He was also pretty impressive on the various instruments he played with the big band in Halls Gap recently… well I was impressed anyway.

7.  Setting up our Christmas tree… I know its early and I have explained why, but this year it was even more special as Dave and I started our own tradition together. This will be the first Christmas I don’t wake up in the family home… but while I am sure it will feel strange, its exciting.

8.  Lazy weekend breakfasts at our new favourite cafe right around the corner… going out for breaky is always awesome, but now that we have this little cafe that feels like ours, it makes me feel like a real adult.

9.  Date Nights are even better now that I don’t have to drive home after or that Dave doesn’t have to leave… and with the new addition of the Star Trek Moives… they just got even better…

10.  I am pretty sure the moment when I became Mrs George has been the biggest highlight of my year, maybe even my life… my wedding day was everything I could have hoped for and more, but nothing beats that moment when you realise its actually happened… your married, that’s it… and it’s the best.  Just recently we got our photos back from our Amazing Photographer Kelly at Alexroad Photography… here are some of my favourites… oh and she has some favourites too check us out at her blog… Thanks Kelly for these amazing memories…


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