Wow… this year has flown… I know everybody says that, but it really does feel like just yesterday when I was madly planning a wedding, settling into a relatively new job and waiting waiting waiting to marry my prince charming… but now that’s all done…  and while this confuses me, I figure if I actually stop to think about it, I will most likely miss the rest of the year because in case you hadn’t noticed… it’s December…

For me this means a few things…

1.  I can now play Christmas carols when ever and where ever I feel like it.  Previously I had been restricted to when I was alone or in my car so that Dave didn’t get too sick of them, but now that its officially Christmas… too bad… the carols will play.

2.  I will no longer be shunned… stared at… or called strange names when I tell people I have my Christmas tree up, because it’s December and its supposed to be up!

3.  My advent calendar is staring me down when I get up in the morning filled with chocolately goodness.

4.  I now have a really good excuse to watch all my favourite Christmas movies again…

I really love Christmas… like seriously love it… and I am so glad that it is here.  I know for lots of people Christmas isn’t a happy time, but there is just something about it that seems to make me happy, almost giddy happy on the inside… So from now on… until mid Jan… I am going to love everything Christmassy I can.

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