Festive Disaster?

It’s Christmas in Australia, and instead of getting hot like it is supposed to this weekend there have been a few lovely days and then some significant storms… Now normally this wouldn’t bother me that much, but this time I have concerns, perhaps petty and small, but still concerns…

Last week, I decided that Russ, my car would appreciate some assistance getting in to the Christmas spirit, so I added some antlers and a big red nose. And even though Dave thinks he looks still and wrong, I think he looks cute… and hey if there is Christmas music pumping on the inside it only seems right to have Christmas on the outside too.

When I first put the antlers and nose on it was a beautiful sunny afternoon, but now it is not… and the thing that has my curiosity going is this…

If I am in a big storm… am I more likely to be hit by lightening with these antlers?
And if so… what are the chances?

Now, I know I am often a little dramatic and over the top, but I am actually a little concerned about this, travelling out in the open could be risky… and what happens if it does… I have seen an episode for myth busters on a similar theme and lets just say it didn’t end well for the dummy. I am hoping that I will be ok, but it appears that there will be one more big storm before Christmas, so I am just wondering how worried should I be?


The slightly dramatic Curious George.

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