2011 – Through the eyes of my iPhone

I feel l like all week I have been reminiscing and I guess it’s the right time of year to do for it, I mean with all the family times over Christmas and with the new looming around the corner, I think it’s a good idea to look back over all that has happened this year.

This year has been full on, part of me feels like it was only yesterday that I was reminiscing on all that had happened in 2010, yet another part of me feels like I have been married forever… It’s hard to even comprehend all that has happened this year, I was going to do a ‘Top 10 moments of 2011’ but I don’t even know where to I would start… I guess there are some obvious highlights, one being getting married and our awesome honeymoon to the states, but there are so many more little moments that I know I’d I miss something special if I started naming them… So instead I thought I would share my project 365 photos from the year and just one highlight… and one lowlight from each month… just to make sure it’s a little bit balanced… So here is 2011… wrapped up in a blog….



Highlight: Wedding Planning – Bridesmaid’s dresses, Making the wedding invitations and getting the perfect Cinderella wedding shoes.

Lowlight: Cutting my foot on the escalator at Doncaster… although swimming up the escalator trying to get back to the top was a very very very amusing.



Highlight: Hairspray… awesome

Lowlight: Working late…




Highlight: Mixed Nuts victory

Lowlight: Cutting my foot… again… and begining to think that perhaps Dave was right and my choice of footwear was to blame.



20111231-144712.jpgHighlight: My hen’s celebration… awesome meringues, a weekend at the beach and the royal wedding

Lowlight: Jarring my finger, so much so my ring wouldn’t fit



20111231-151807.jpgHighlight: Becoming Mrs George and going to New York and Disneyworld with my husband

Lowlight: Getting sick just before the wedding and the panic of being a Rudolph bride.



20111231-151816.jpgHighlight: Unpacking all our amazing gifts and setting up our home

Lowlight: Not being the Badminton Champion at SYG…. Again… my time will come.



20111231-151830.jpgHighlight: Making the best birthday cake ever

Lowlight: Losing my text messages, but its ok coz I got them back



20120101-112722.jpgHighlight: Listening to Davo preach up a storm

Lowlight: Back to full time work for more than a month… and becoming a teaching widow…



20120101-112728.jpgHighlight: Dusty and Jess got engaged… woo hoo, oh and a trip to Warrnambool

Lowlight: The phone and cd player that said no



20120101-112734.jpgHighlight: Dave’s School’s Star Trek play

Lowlight: Dave getting in the spa with a dead cooking birds.



20120101-112740.jpgHighlight: Awesome concerts… Farnsy and Dolly

Lowlight: Bad haircut



20120101-112745.jpgHighlight: Christmas… what could be better

Lowlight: The Birds that got stuck in the chimney on Christmas eve… way too much drama

So there you go… lets hope 2012 is just as fun