Another year, Another list

Guess what… its 2012… HAPPY NEW YEAR!  So what will 2012 bring?  Who knows? I do know that it will have it’s own excitement, it’s own worries and its own crazy moment because these things are out of my control… I also know that like years gone before 2012, for me, has a whole lot of resolutions, goals, and random things I want to be able to say I have done by the end…. So also like years gone by I thought I would use my blog to share with you all 100 things that I would like to do/achieve in the coming year. Some of them I have attepmted in the past and even blogged about (in fact you can check out my own ‘lists’ here and here), and some of them I have never done or at least haven’t done for a long time anyway.  Its a mixture of all kinds of things…  So if there is anything you would like to do with me, or could help me with, just let me know, because a little help is always much appreciated.  Hopefully as the year goes by I will once again, be able to tick them off this not so little list and put a photo or a blog up about it…  But unlike the last two lists, I am going to try very hard not to let them take over the blog… I want them to be just a nice little addition, a side project if you will…

Anyway enough talking…. more listing….

  1. Lose 10kgs
  2. Make my own ice cream
  3. Read 6 books
  4. Exercise at least once a week
  5. Do my devotions at least 3 times per week
  6. Take at least one photo everyday – project 365
  7. Finish scrap booking old stuff
  8. Make photo book with wedding pictures
  9. Stop pushing the snooze button
  10. Leave my phone out side my bedroom at night
  11. Plan my week each week
  12. Eat with Dave at least once a week
  13. Make breakfast muffins
  14. Stop eating chocolate at breakfast
  15. Blog once a week
  16. Bake meringues
  17. Drink a bottle of water everyday
  18. Keep my car free of rubbish
  19. See some fireworks
  20. Get a Massage
  21. Have 2 ‘Diet coke free’ days per week
  22. Watch a sunset with Dave
  23. Buy a new dress
  24. Finish watching Mcleod’s Daughters
  25. Fix up my super stuff
  26. Ride a push bike at least once
  27. Go on a picnic
  28. Go and hear live music
  29. Dance with Dave
  30. Go camping
  31. Go to the museum
  32. Stay at the Langham
  33. Get our wedding pictures framed
  34. Have a bath
  35. Make a mocktail
  36. Do a fun run/walk
  37. Go on a road trip
  38. Stop biting my nails
  39. See a musical
  40. Have a rainbow paddle pop
  41. Try 1 recipe from each of my Donna Hay subscription Mags
  42. Finish unpacking my stuff in the study
  43. Make up our wedding guest note book
  44. Go without TV for a week
  45. Go to a Trivia Night
  46. Respond to text Messages asap
  47. Tidy my study and keep it clean all year
  48. Paint my toenails at least once a month
  49. Eat red meat at least twice a week
  50. Deal with my mail asap
  51. Eat 1 piece of fruit everyday
  52. Be true to my date days
  53. Cook dinner for Dave at least once a week
  54. Use every appliance in my kitchen at least once
  55. Clean the gunk off the baby haviana in my car
  56. Eat at 10 different breakfast places
  57. Bust a move in a random location
  58. Visit a country town I haven’t been to before
  59. Go to a wedding
  60. See the fire balls at crown
  61. Do my chores
  62. Learn a new joke
  63. Visit Castlemaine
  64. Visit Bendigo
  65. Do my own washing once
  66. Spend an afternoon playing with Dex
  67. Play my flute
  68. Wash my own car
  69. Stop picking
  70. Send 5 cards by post just because
  71. Play with play-dough
  72. Have a hot jam doughnut
  73. Got to a football game
  74. Floss once a week
  75. Try listerine mouth wash
  76. Go a term without macca’s
  77. Sing in the shower
  78. Swing on some swings
  79. Go to the beach at least three times
  80. Go up to a look out and look over the city
  81. Have a pot of tea
  82. Moisturise regularly
  83. Bake something for work
  84. Do 3 exercise classes
  85. Have one BBQ Wednesday
  86. Get an exercise piggy bank
  87. Go on a boat
  88. Go to the zoo
  89. Go to a concert of Dave’s
  90. Buy that whistle song off iTunes
  91. Master the cracking of eggs
  92. Fly a kite
  93. Make a gingerbread house
  94. Pump up my own tires
  95. Check my car’s oil
  96. Swim laps at the pool
  97. Do a water aerobics class
  98. Play with sparklers
  99. Try an espresso
  100. Have a dinner party

Whew… are you ready?  I don’t think I am but here we go anyway…

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