Saying goodbye to life as I know it

Well it’s official last night I enrolled myself into a uni course… again, this one is part-time and off campus which means I will being keeping everything else in my life the same just adding this on top of it all and perhaps I might have bitten off more than I can chew… but it’s too late now, it’s what I wanted, what I had been hoping and praying for and its now in my hands so I need to make it work, but I think it will mean two things… I really really really need to get organised and I am about to become a hermit… a full on hermit…

The thing is I am already busy, over the past 2years I have made a real effort to strip back my life, so to speak, to get rid of the things that I don’t need to do, things that might be good, but not great or the best option for me.  But even with all this saying no, I still find myself busy, but I guess the saying is true, if you want something done ask a busy person.

I am really excited about this next chapter in my life, it will be an interesting process learning how to balance everything again, but it might finally push me into becoming super organised which is something I wanted to do anyway.  In fact it all ready has, almost every night this week I have been sorting boxes and organising books and throwing out stuff that I should have thrown out years ago all in preparation of whether or not I would get the offer and now getting my study backing working order, ready to start.  I am pretty sure that my new course is probably the end of my current social life, which let’s face it, was already becoming non-existent and it will probably make achieving my list more of a challenge, but I think the thing that it will impact most is my holidays… I haven’t had a holiday since our honeymoon and instead of booking something massive and awesome, I have just agreed to make all my annual leave time, placement time for the course, so no long holidays in site for the next 2years… I am guessing that my ADOs are about to become quite sacred.

This isn’t the first time I have been a nerd hermit, and unfortunately I don’t think it will be the last, I survived back then, and I will survive this time… in fact, like last time, I will most likely come out better for it…

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