Can you get sunburnt in the car?

This is something that I have been thinking, and perhaps worrying about for a long time now, actually pretty much since I rotated to a new site with work, except on rainy days, because it seems less relevant then.  Anyway, since I rotated instead of having a 15minute commute, I have had a 45-60minute commute, meaning I spend a lot more time in the car… This change has also coincided with the change in season, from winter to the warmer months of spring and summer, which has meant I have seen a lot more sun, well seen from the inside of my car, and recently on really sunny days I have noticed that I feel like I am getting burnt as I drive…

The thing is for as long as I can remember I have been of the belief that I won’t get sunburnt in the car… I know that it’s probably not true and it makes sense for it to be completely plausible to get burnt as you drive, after all apparently all it takes is some bent glass and some sun to destroy bugs of all shapes and sizes, but part of me is still unsure.  So being the hypochondriac and skin cancer paranoid person I am, I decided it was time to get some answers… so I putting it to you…

Can you get sunburnt in the car?


The paranoid Curious George.

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