No. 2 Make my own ice cream

Now despite the fact that I promised I wouldn’t let the list take over my blog I still feel like I want to record my list adventures up here too, so while I will blog about other things, unfortunately you will need to endure the bragging that comes from crossing something off the list

Last week I celebrated the fact that I had been offered a spot in the teaching course I wanted by cooking a roast and making my own ice cream… this was quite significant because I normally only do a roast on really special occasions and I had never attempted to make my own ice cream before. For Christmas this year I was lucky enough to get a new mix master, which I was very excited about, although it did come with lots of apprehension from Dave as he had always been of the believe that you should never buy your wife an appliance for important events like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Anyway, not only did I get the mix master its self, I also got an extra bowl as well as a ‘freeze and mix’ ideal for making ice cream. So as you can imagine I was pretty keen to test it out… but I had to wait…

Anyway, after putting the bowl in the freezer for 15hrs to prepare it I had finally found the perfect occasion to test it out… and it was just as good as I hoped it would be… I made the standard vanilla and some strawberry sorbet… delicious… don’t believe me… well check out the pictures…

So there you go, no. 2 crossed off the list!  Oh and because I was making my self handy in the kitchen I also made a start on no. 54 ‘Use every appliance in my kitchen at least once’ as I used the Mix Master, food processor, blender, electric knife and the coffee machine… only a million other appliances left…

5 thoughts on “No. 2 Make my own ice cream

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