Help… I don’t know how to stop!

Something I have discovered over my years of blogging is that I am a terrible blog finisher… in fact it’s probably the reason I don’t post a lot of things, I say what I need to but then I can’t bring it all to together and make it sound complete.  They just tend to stop… I am sure there is a skill to it, and perhaps I just need more practice… or perhaps I am trying too hard, if I just didn’t think about it maybe it would just happen, all I know is what ever this is… isn’t working.

Perhaps it’s because my blogs don’t have a specific format… My Curious George Blogs have an ending because they are asking for something and they have their own format, maybe that’s what I need a format for the rest… On my old blogs I used to have a tag line that I would use to tie it all together, for example on my original blog, back in 2006, I used the tag ‘Just a thought I had…’ which was ace but then there was an unfortunate incident and it stopped… When I had my 22 adventures blog I finished everything with some variety of ‘I guess that’s just all part of the adventure!’ which made sense because the blog as called 22 adventures… but now I have a blog, which is really just there for me to record and document my life as I see it and perhaps bring joy to a few people along the way.  It doesn’t have a particular feel or flavour and I kind of like it that way, but this is what I think is causing my problem… If they were letters I could sign of… if they were questions I could finish with the question (obvious I know), if they were all statements I could finish with some awesome tag line, but there are all over the shop… Maybe they have terrible ends because about now when I am writing I realise I am rambling and no one really cares about whether I have a tag or a purpose or if I even blog at all…

Anyway the point is I know it’s an issue and I am working on it, but if anyone has any suggestions… now would be a good time to share, perhaps even by using the comment button below…

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