3 Reasons I love this Sunburnt Country

I love Australia … and I also really love Australia day…  I love almost everything about it… the only thing I don’t like is the assumption that it must include copious amounts of alcohol, but other than that I am very much down with the whole thing…  Anyway, this year I got to spend Australia day with my good mates from Castlemaine and a few more of their friends too and it was a lovely way to do it.  It also meant that I could cross number 63 off the list… so I decided that I would make it a post… but in order to avoid the grade 5 styles holiday diary… I have decided to make a Top 3 reasons I love being Australian…

  1. You can put a flag on anything… and it’s not offensive… its embraced… for example… the fence…  bathers… tattoos… plates… severities… or even a pool
  2. It doesn’t matter how ugly or ridiculous an idea can be… It can still be a friggin good idea… enter the magic punch fountain
  3. It doesn’t really matter where you are…  your can make a good time anywhere if you have the right people.

There are heaps of other reasons I love being part of this sunburnt country… but these are just a couple that came up yesterday…

Hope you had a good Australia day…

7 thoughts on “3 Reasons I love this Sunburnt Country

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