Jake and Em… Get Things Done…

Usually when Jake and I hang out it is a lazy day that involves either a movie… or food… or a trip to a random location… or a mixture of all of the above… most of the time it is unplanned and a little disorganized, but today we got things done…

After a quick trip to Jake’s new uni, we decided that we would work on knocking a few things off the 2012 list, and even I say so myself, we did quite an impressive job…

Before the day started I had officially knocked 7 things off…

2. Make my own ice cream – completed 9.1.12
25. Fix up super stuff – completed (by Dave) 24.1.12

43. Make breakfast muffins – completed 16.1.12

63. Visit Castlemaine
81. Have a pot of tea – completed 1.1.12 and again on 25.1.12

86. Get an Exercise Piggy Bank – completed 23.1.12
99. Try and Espresso – completed 14.1.12

But now… wow have we been busy little bees… I can now say very happily I have also crossed off the following…
(please note are the listed in the order they happened, rather than their numerical order…)

57. Bust a move in a random location – Coles will never be the same… I have to admit that I was dreading this once the second I put it on the list… but it is now done and here is the proof…

55. Clean the gunk of  my baby havaiana – This little keychain, that usually hangs in my car had an unfortunate run in with some, I think, up and go on the floor of my old car, back when I was at uni… leaving an unsightly and questionable brown stain.  But that stain is no longer… it has been soaked and washed and it back to its original colour and will return to its place of pride in my car.

35. Make a Mocktail – being more creative with all things drinks, Jake was much more qualified to help me with this than any other family member.  He taught me how to make a Mocktail called Strawberries and cream (so he thinks), which was pretty and delicious, complete with cocktail glass and straw.

40. Have a rainbow paddle pop – it was delicious… need I say more?  Well I will I think next year I need to up the number of rainbow paddle pops in my life…

and last but not least…

71.  Play with playdough – Jake and I didn’t just play with playdough… we made playdough and then played with playdough.  I have to confess I had never made my own before, but it is a skill I am definitely glad I have learnt… we only played for a short while… but it was a very creative while…. Check out our awesome artwork…

So there you go, my total crossed off items now stand at 12… not bad for only 27 days…
only 88 to go.

Oh and the other thing that happened today…  although not on the list, Jake started a new blog… check it out here.

5 thoughts on “Jake and Em… Get Things Done…

  1. Very impressed Em, well done! Did you make the playdough like I used to? I am sure you must have seen me do it many times over the years when I was playgroup leader etc.

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