Who else but Dave

Day 2: Show someone you love

Just to keep this interesting and a little less like the bold and the beautiful… I thought I would ‘show’ my top three faces… ok top 10 faces of Dave… because I love him, and all the strange faces he can make….

1. His ‘Your an idiot’ face

2. His ‘Please no more photos’ face

3. His ‘little boy, sick’ face

4. His ‘Surprised’ face

5. His ‘I love coffee’ face

6. His ‘Blue Steel’ face

7. His ‘I’m working Hard’ face

8. His ‘Fun Dave – oooooooOOOOOO’ face

9. His ‘Happy Dave’ face

10. His ‘I love you’ face

3 thoughts on “Who else but Dave

  1. You are so fortunate to have Dave in your life Em, love him with everything you have, hold on to him tight and make sure that he knows you love him. He loves you very much, you can see that in his actions.

  2. I love your blogs Em and I love seeing some of the photos that are just SOOOOOO you and Dave!!! These are great! Wow Dave I didn’t know you had so many different face expressions! Love you both Meg.

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