Being a Big Sister

Day 3: Be someone you love

When I first read my job for today… be someone you love… I have to admit I was a little confused by the concept.  I don’t really want to be any one but myself, because it has taken me a long time to be comfortable with that idea, so after a little bit of thinking, I realised that even though I am me, there are lots of parts to who I am… There is:

Emma the Daughter,
Emma the Wife,
Emma the Friend,
Emma the Dietitan,
Emma the chore-avoider,
Emma the Zumba tri hard,
Emma the Disney princess (she exists… even if it’s only in my brain),
Emma the Dog owner, and
Emma the sister.

Now I am not saying that being a sister is last on the list of what makes me, me, in fact it’s actually shaped who I am, but I put there because that’s what I got to focus on today, being a sister.  I am lucky enough to be the big sister to two brothers, one only 14months younger than me and one 5 years younger, and today I had the privilege of hanging out with my youngest brother Jake.  In fact you can read about what we did on his blog… as it was quite a tale and seeing has he has already written it so eloquently, I won’t do the same (but I will mention that I made meringues which was number 16 on the list!).

But I did want to say that I really love being a big sister.  I know as I get older, my brothers seem to be catching up to me in a lot of ways, they are both taller than me, although that’s not that difficult and in many areas they already are or soon will be wiser and better than me (although I will always stand by the fact that I am the smartest).  I can’t look at figures and business stuff and get excited the way that Dust does.  I can’t do a high ropes course let alone supervise one the way Jake has.  I can’t ride a bike or wear Lycra quite the way that Dusty can and I can’t wear a mullet as proudly as Jake can.  There are lots of things that I can do, but there are so many more things that the boys can do that I just wouldn’t dream of, or couldn’t even if I tried.  I am so proud of both of them and the things that they have already accomplished as well as the things that I know they are still to do.  But more importantly I am proud of who they are and the young men they have become.  I am also glad that I get to laugh with them, cry with them… cry with Jake, hug them… hug Jake, except on my birthday and Christmas when I get to hug dust too and just generally share my life with them.  I am glad I can be there to support them, encourage them and to blame them when need be.  In fact I can’t think of things that I am not thankful for about them and I am very much looking forward to sharing many more years, life experiences and Monty Python movies with them.

8 thoughts on “Being a Big Sister

  1. That’s really beautiful Em. I am so glad that Dustin and Jacob have you for a sister. Your care and love for them is so evident and it makes me so proud of you. You are a beautiful sister and an especially beautiful daughter to me and your dad. We both love you very much. I also know for a fact that both your brothers love you very much too.

  2. Have you asked dust for a special permission 3rd hug this year. I would be asking if you can congratulate him at his wedding with a hug. I think you need to at least start putting it in his mind that you are going to come at him on his wedding day and you will be taking a hug by force if necessary.

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