Day 9: Celebrate your love

Day 9: Celebrate your love

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am, seriously despite all the things that I whinge about, the things that make me cry and the bumps that I talked about on Monday, I am super super super blessed. Today I have been challenged to ‘celebrate my love’, and I think that could potentially mean a lot of things, because over the years… I have given out a lot of love, some serious, some naive, some in the form of silly crushes and not so silly crushes… some has been wasted, but lots has been embraces and even given back… but that’s not what I want to celebrate today.  No, today I want to celebrate the fact that I am loved by two people in particular… my parents.

When I look around at families of all kinds, it doesn’t take me long to realise how blessed I am, I have a mum and a dad that love me to bits, they support me, they discipline me, they encourage me to try anything and everything that I want, they trust me, they challenge me, they have provided for me and they have shaped me into the person I am today.  I am so thankful for each of them and impact on my life they have had and will continue to have, so I just thought I would take a minute to say thanks and to celebrate the love I receive from them and the love that I have for them.

So… Mum and Dad… I love you stacks… always have and always will!