Valentine’s Day

Day 14: A Day of love

Let’s just be clear… I love valentine’s day.  I understand that it may be unnecessary, that it can be expensive, and that I should love and be loved all year round… but it doesn’t matter I still love it.  I think there is something exciting about a day where love is celebrated, I wish it was more like valentine’s day everyday… but its not, it is but one day a year…

Valentine’s Day has been a lot more fun since I found Davo… before that, well I still loved it, but I often didn’t get much love, but most years Davo does something special for valentines, a picnic in the park, a cute little card, flowers, the occasional message in the Herald Sun’s Love Book and dinner.  This year was no different, although this year I got gifts I couldn’t kill… Lady and the tramp 1 & 2 on blu-ray, a replacement baking tray after he sliced through my last one, some of those new cadbury egg & spoons and some multi-grain Pringles which are yummo.  Oh and my own mail wrapped up too.  But even though the presents were awesome, the thing I liked most was dinner, we went to one of my favourite restaurants and had three courses of duck, and it was delish, but it wasn’t even the duck that made it the best, it was simply the fact that I got to sit down and hang out with Davo and enjoy things I loved.  So good!