with love from…

Day 20: Love notes

Love notes are a dying art… but one which I appreciate more than I can write, which disappointing seeing as we are talking about love in written form.  Anyway,  I have to confess,  I am very blessed and I have received a number of love notes in the years that I have been with Davo.  There have been short notes, long notes, public notes in the paper (the Valentine’s Day love book of course), text messages and post-it notes and I love them all.  I have tried to write notes in return, but I have to admit that I am not as good at it as Dave is, no matter how hard I try.

There seems to be extra magic in a love note, the words mean more, and I honestly think that it is purely because it takes more effort to do.  It’s easy to easy to talk, to phone, to chat on the internet, but to actually sit down and write something takes time, effort and thought.  Love notes seem more permanent too, they are written down and kept, stored away for your kids to find one day.  They are often unexpected, but they always seem to contain the words that you need to hear.

So here’s to love notes, may they never die out, may they continue to be written until the end of time, may they always be sealed with a kiss and may I get better at them with a little bit of practice.

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