Seeing the other George’s

Day 21: Plan to do something you love

I love to go on holidays, even more than that I love going to places that require a plane to get there.  I love going to the airport, checking in, using my passport and seeing places I have never seen before.  If I could I would go overseas every second week, but going away is expensive, and I live in a country that is far away from everything… except one place… New Zealand.

I had come to terms with the fact that this year I would not be going overseas, despite how much I wanted to as we had just been away on our very elaborate honeymoon to the states and now we are trying to save up for a house of our very own which means sacrifices need to be made.   And in all honesty I was ok with this… secretly I was starting to plan something for 2013, but I was ok with giving 2012 a miss.  But guess what I am going away this year… its true… well that’s the plan anyway, hopefully Dave and I will be heading to that close country called New Zealand to join in the celebrations for his grandparents 60th wedding anniversary and I am very excited.  I have never been to NZ before, well I have been to the airport but that’s it… and while we are only there for a very short time, I will get to see where Dave’s family is from which is all I really wanted to do in NZ anyway.  Hopefully we will be able to go for a little longer on another occasion but for now this is perfect.  I am planning to do something I love in a year which I didn’t think I would be able to and I will get to do it with people I love… so much love.

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