It’s a Dog’s Life

Day 27: Love cats (or dogs or bunnies)

Firstly I am not a cat person… bunnies take them or leave them… so today will be about Dogs… well Dex

Dave and I like to go for walks when we are able, and being the good dog owners that we are more often than not we take Dex with us. He has gotten much better at being on the lead in fact most of the time he actually does really well. Sometimes when we walk I am a little slow so Dex will stop every few meters to turn around and check that I am still coming, which is nice, he does the same if Dave is every lagging behind although this is much rarer. Recently though Dex has decided that he no longer wants to just walk on the side that Dave puts him, instead he wants to walk right in between us like a little child, and even though its really annoying I love it… why because I love that he knows where he belongs and that he loves us back… on another note I love coming home from work and finding him sitting on the chair like he is the king of the world…