Well it’s been a while since I blogged, to be honest I haven’t been anymore busy than normal, I just haven’t really had anything that exciting to share… I think I was also a little blogged out after my month of love, I didn’t really think it through at the beginning and while it made me realize how blessed I am, it was hard work blogging everyday. Although I did like having a specific topic, because it meant that I knew what I needed to write in advance. Anyway, its March now and it’s time to get on with it… and break the fast with some breakfast.

I love going out for breakfast, in fact it’s one of my favourite things to do, despite the fact that I don’t really like eggs which seem to be in everything offered at places you can order breakfast. So on my list this year I decided that I would indulge myself and eat breakfast at 10 different breakfast places. Now to be honest I don’t know If I should be ashamed by this or proud, but I today I crossed it off the list. Yep in week 11, I have eaten at out at 10 different breakfast places… that’s almost once a week, no wonder number 1. Lose 10kgs isn’t happening as quickly as I would like. I can’t even use the excuse that I have been on holidays because I haven’t I have been working full time the whole time. But, do you know, I don’t really feel that bad because I really do love it. And I have been able to share delicious breakfasts with beautiful people… here are my breakfast adventures…

1.  5th January – Café Krifi, Richmond

2.  7th January – Beasley’s Nursery & Tea House, Doncaster East

3.  14th January – Limelight Restaurant & Bar, Doncaster East

4.  21st January – The Peddler, Nunawading

5.  4th February – Red Elk Café, Inverloch

6.  11th February – Coffee Club, Knox

7.  19th February – Senses Restaurant & Bar, Templestowe

8.  4th March – Pure Italian, Balwyn North

9.  10th March – Snow Pony, Balwyn

10.  12th March – The Pour Kids, Malvern

Oh and even though I have now done 10, I don’t think I will stop going out for breaky, although I might decrease the frequency.

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