Half Sick

I hate being half sick… this is where I am at the moment… half sick, not really sick enough to stay home or stop doing anything, but not really functioning on all cylinders if you know what I mean and it sucks. I wish my body would just make up its mind… am I sick or not? Its been a little like this all week really, but yesterday I thought I had beat it, I felt great, but I think perhaps I have jinxed myself because now I am back to being half sick. I think that I am not alone though, there appears to be lots of half sick people around, either that our they actually are sick, but still coming into work and just making my half sickness worse.

The thing is though I want to just get it over and done with because if it stays as half sick it is not going to end well. In fact, what will probably happen if this continues is that Dave and I will enter the never ending circle of half sickness for the rest of the colder months, because I will pass on my half sickness to him and while I am getting better he is getting worse and then he will pass his half sickness to me and so on and so forth… we did this last year and I am not really interested in doing it again, but I guess that’s the joy of learning to live with some one. Is there are cure to half sickness or do I actually have to treat it like real sickness and just stop, give myself a chance to get over it and then start again?

3 thoughts on “Half Sick

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