Please stop messing with my shows

I need to have a whinge… why do TV stations insist on changing the night programs are on… seriously, we started watching because it was convenient, we weren’t watching at the other time slot because it wasn’t… this is not going to change because you would like it to! 

At the moment I am hooked on the biggest loser, which is strange for me… I love reality TV so that’s not the bit that is strange, but usually I have to turn the biggest loser off because it is filled with terrible nutritional advice and sets crazy weight loss expectations which are not maintainable or in some cases even achievable, which usually makes me so mad that I yell at the TV and the channel is switched by someone else to shut me up.  But this season has me hooked, I think it’s the combination of reality TV with the hope of love… I know it sounds corny, but I think that is what has me hooked. 

Now because my life is filled with more than just TV, I couldn’t watch it every night, but I did enjoy watching it most Monday nights, which coincidently was the best night to watch because it was weigh in and elimination night… the best bit.  But in channel 10’s lack of wisdom, they have decided after weeks, maybe even months of Monday nights they are moving it, well have moved it to Sunday night… this makes me mad… why?  Because Sunday nights don’t work for me, I am busy on Sunday nights and I will not skip church just because the biggest loser is on, regardless of what the promos promise.  Surely I am not the only one in this situation? Perhaps it’s not church on Sunday night, but maybe something else, perhaps even another program… you can’t just change things channel 10… It’s just not right! 

Look, I know there are more important things in life than what night biggest loser is on TV, but it made me really mad so I had to let it out… now it’s out and I can now go and watch the copy that Davo taped for me (well DVD’d) for me last night… but channel 10… consider yourself warned.  

One thought on “Please stop messing with my shows

  1. You tell ’em love. I would feel scared if I was channel Ten right now.
    They do it to get you hooked, even if I record it they get the ratings and now they will introduce the next thing that they want to promote at that timeslot because they know you’re free.

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