Three 11year old girls and Taylor

I feel like time is flying… seriously flying I should have blogged about this two weeks ago but I never got a chance so here it is now… better late than never I guess.

I love country music, something that I was originally ashamed of, but something which I now embrace completely.  And one thing I have learnt is that more often than not country artists, maybe all artists are better in real life than on the cd, there is just something about hearing them live.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to go and see Taylor Swift’s concert but it came with a catch, a catch which I think in the end made it even more special than it ever could have been without it.  I got a ticket to see Taylor Swift on the condition that I accompanied my younger cousin and her two best friends to see her too, so that their mothers and fathers didn’t have to.  This was an offer that was too good to refuse… I love Taylor Swift so getting to go to her concert was very exciting and taking the girls certainly didn’t bother me, it was a win win situation.

This was their first live music concert and it was very very very exciting.  As we arrived the girls were desperate for the merchandise they had been investigating on the internet, so we joined the queue of what felt like hundreds of people all franticly trying to get that t-shirt with Taylor’s face on it.  Once we finally had the desired purchases, a little something to eat and a quick trip to the toilet we found our seats.  As Taylor came out onto the stage I watched as the girls faces lit up.  At one point there was even tears of joy, they were so excited, they sang, they cheered, they oo’d and aahh’d and it was the best.   I felt really privileged to share this moment with them as they experienced the joy of live music for the first time.

The concert would have been great if Taylor just stood there and sang, but what made it even better for me, and for the girls were the sets, costumes, dances just the whole creative production that was the concert.  There were balconies, staircases, aerobics, you name it, and it was in the show this meant that my memorable evening helped me to cross two things of my list… 28. Go and hear live music and 19. See some fire works… that’s right I even got to see fireworks during the concert… it was very very cool.

And to answer the question would I take three screaming 11year old girls to a concert again… absolutely!

4 thoughts on “Three 11year old girls and Taylor

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