Go Mixed Nuts

Last year I returned to my first sporting love… netball.  Since living in Castlemaine I had started to get the netball itch because it turns out the football netball club is at the social heart of most small country towns and the more time I spent in the country the more I wanted to play… anyway, when I moved back to the big smoke I was invited to joined a mixed netball team.  Now don’t get me wrong, my netball skills are… well… not great, but they are getting better and I do love playing.  Last year our team Mixed Nuts was in a grade that we could compete in, we won a few… lots a few, but mostly it was pretty even. But not this season… despite the fact that we didn’t even make the finals at the end of last season, the netball association in their white uniformed wisdom, moved us up a grade… Disaster!  This year we are 11-zip… I wish I could say that meant that we had won every game, but no… we haven’t won anything… no games… in fact we haven’t just lost all our games we have been smashed most of them… and while we are improving, it still sucks.

But guess what… we won tonight… yep that’s right… only by 3, but still a win… and it felt good… look at how happy we are…

All that’s left to say is Go Mixed Nuts.

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