Nobody Ever Told You

I know I only just posted about the Carrie Underwood concert two days ago, but I have listened to her song ‘nobody ever told you’ a few more times since then and I have decided there needs to be more songs like this one.  Songs that actually encourage and value girls for who they are and tell them not to listen to all the other rubbish that is constantly thrown in their faces… It’s just refreshing to have a secular song that has morals, that encourages and lifts up and leaves you feeling good… If I had daughters this is the type of song that I would want them to be listening to, this is the type of song I wish they played on the radio, this is the type of message I wish the world sent to our girls… Anyway, here are the lyrics have a read and see what you think….

Take off all the makeup girl
Shine your light, show the world
Don’t be shy, don’t be scared
You don’t have to hide under there
Let’s throw away all the magazines
Turn off the static on the TV
Wish you could see yourself the way I do

Nobody ever told you
Nobody ever told you
You shine like a diamond
Glitter like a gold
And you need to know
When nobody ever told you
La la la la la

Mirror mirror on the wall
Acting like he knows it all
Tells you lies of vanity
He doesn’t care what’s underneath
All hung up on the negative
Doesn’t have to be the way it is
Wish you could see yourself the way I do

Nobody ever told you
Nobody ever told you
You shine like a diamond
Glitter like a gold
And you need to know
When nobody ever told you

Free as a bird,
Up on a watch
Just like a flower growing wild
You’re beautiful, you’re beautiful
Nobody ever told you,
Nobody ever told you
You shine like a diamond
Glitter like a gold
And you need to know
When nobody ever told you

You shine like a diamond
Glitter like a gold
And you need to know
When nobody ever told you

A Tale of Fortunate Events

I love it when really good things happen one after the other.  I must admit it doesn’t happen any where near as often as I would like, but it does happen and today was one of those moments.

The morning didn’t start that well, I started my training for the fun run I am doing with some friends of mine and if I were to say it went badly, that would be an understatement… seriously, it was not pretty, despite my determination and amazing outfit… it was rubbish, but it’s just the start I still have a long way to go, but I have now officially started working towards no. 36 on the list… ‘Do a fun run’… I am also hoping that it will help me with no. 1: ‘Lose 10kgs’ and that I will look great for my no. 59: ‘Go to a wedding’… Anyway, the day didn’t start that well and work was fine, nothing too exciting just your standard day, but as I was leaving work I got a call from another friend with some very exciting news.  He had managed to upgrade our seats for the Carrie Underwood concert we were going to later that night… we were now super super close.  So a little excited about that I headed home where I collected the mail and went inside.

I love getting snail mail, I always have, I have to admit that since I moved out of home the buzz has worn off slightly because I now get bills and boring mail too, but I still get excited when something unexpected comes through… and tonight I hit the jackpot… there was a package and two pretty envelopes… and bills NEVER come in pretty envelopes so I knew the must contain something good.   In the mail tonight I got an engagement invitation, a wedding invitation and package all the way from London.  Usually an invitation of any kind would make me enjoy my trip to the letter box, but two special invitations and a package… far out… the postie did well tonight.

The package was from my cousin in London, who had discovered that I love the royal family… a lot, so she sent me some things from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… check it out:

A picnic rug, a magnet, a double-decker bus stress… bus, Wills and Kate masks and a program from the jubilee weekend… awesome… seriously awesome!

And then if that wasn’t enough we headed to the concert… which was jam packed with surprises including bad dancing… really bad dancing… mum’s being controlled by security and making thier kids move to other sits so that mum can see better, big hair, big hats and awesome music… Oh and did I mention the awesome upgrade of seats…

This afternoon truly was a tale of very fortunate events…

Aquarobics – That Awkward Moment When…

Last night I crossed number 97 off the list… go to aquarobics… luckily I didn’t need to do this alone I got to go with my brother and two friends… As much as I loved it there were a few awkward moments…

There was the awkward moment when you get there and realise you bring the average age of the class down by half…

The awkward moment when you are busily doing the actions and you realise your bathers aren’t covering as much as they should be…

Or my favourite from last night, that awkward moment you leap out of the water to continue the actions to the chorus of the YMCA and no one else jumps… hilarious… but awkward.

I actually really enjoy aquarobics… it really is a lot of fun and a pretty good workout.. who knows perhaps it will become more regular in my life… I think I would like it if it did… I guess that’s actually up to me?

Anyway, it’s now off the list.



On Monday night I had a moment… it was a beautiful, perfect moment… one of those moments that don’t happen everyday, in fact the don’t even happen every good day, just every now and again…

So of you may already know this, but I don’t think I have actually confessed in on the blog, but if I had my way I would be the perfect 1950’s house wife… I would cook, take care of the babies and even clean… have tea parties and just play house all the time.  It’s not that I don’t like the work that I do, I would rather just be a house wife, but because Davo is a teacher… it appears that this may not happen… why am I telling you this… well it all has to do with this moment…

Tonight I was playing the role of house wife, I went to the supermarket on my way home from work and did the grocery shopping, then came home and spent the rest of the night in the kitchen, I cooked dinner, then a batch of soup and some mars bar slice.  While I was cooking Dave sat at the table working on transcribing some music so that he could use it at school it was a perfect 1950’s moment… It didn’t last long, I wanted to watch the final of the voice so Dave left and went to the study… but for that moment it was just the way I had hoped married life would be, sad I know, but true.  Both just doing things we love while enjoying each other’s company… without having to rush off or do 100 things… just enjoying life.

My New Toy

I am a believer… I have been well and truly converted… I thought I would still long for books of old and miss flicking the pages… but I don’t… I love love love my kindle.   It’s just so easy and clever and awesome. 

For my birthday this year Davo brought me a Kindle, which for those of you who don’t know is a reading tablet… it’s not fancy like the ipad, it doesn’t have a backlight so if it’s dark you still need a light, but it’s pretty much just a flat book… a flat electronic book and I love it (just in case you hadn’t got that yet).  So far I have read 3 books on my kindle and I have some other reference documents on there just in case I need them, and I have a new cover that has a little light just in case I want to keep reading when Dave wants to go to sleep.

The thing is I do love a great bookshelf and the smell of new books, and in fact book stores and libraries in general, but I also love not having to worry about squashing pages or bending/bookmarking, or where I am going to store the book once I am done… it’s just all too easy with the kindle I can have them all and keep them all, all in the space of a small book.

This long weekend, I got to really test it out while I was down in Inverloch, seeing as uni was over and I didn’t have anything else due or desperately needing to be done I spent a lot of time reading my kindle and it was lovely… really lovely, I even brought a new book from the comfort of my own bed… incredible… so long live long weekends and long live my kindle.


Oh and if you are thinking about getting one… you should… they are great!


Seriously… do it… 

It’s done for now

Well I have survived semester 1 of part-time study while working full-time… here is what I now know:

  1. Study is much harder when you have had a break and go back…
  2. Study is much less of a priority when you have a life and a job and a husband
  3. I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew
  4. I am glad for mid semester time

Don’t get me wrong, despite the fact that all of the above except no. 4 are a little pessimistic, I am still glad I am doing the degree but I think that it has been a bit of a shock to the system this semester, perhaps it’s because it was the first one, maybe it will be easier next semester? Maybe not, but it’s all done and now I wait until my undefined mid semester break finishes.  

To be honest, even though I have only had a few days off studying, I am feeling a little restless, like I should be doing something, or that I have forgotten something… I have that post semester void, something I thought I had left behind long ago… so instead I am busily trying to knock some things off the list… we will see how I go… but hopefully I will get a break too… that would be nice.