My New Toy

I am a believer… I have been well and truly converted… I thought I would still long for books of old and miss flicking the pages… but I don’t… I love love love my kindle.   It’s just so easy and clever and awesome. 

For my birthday this year Davo brought me a Kindle, which for those of you who don’t know is a reading tablet… it’s not fancy like the ipad, it doesn’t have a backlight so if it’s dark you still need a light, but it’s pretty much just a flat book… a flat electronic book and I love it (just in case you hadn’t got that yet).  So far I have read 3 books on my kindle and I have some other reference documents on there just in case I need them, and I have a new cover that has a little light just in case I want to keep reading when Dave wants to go to sleep.

The thing is I do love a great bookshelf and the smell of new books, and in fact book stores and libraries in general, but I also love not having to worry about squashing pages or bending/bookmarking, or where I am going to store the book once I am done… it’s just all too easy with the kindle I can have them all and keep them all, all in the space of a small book.

This long weekend, I got to really test it out while I was down in Inverloch, seeing as uni was over and I didn’t have anything else due or desperately needing to be done I spent a lot of time reading my kindle and it was lovely… really lovely, I even brought a new book from the comfort of my own bed… incredible… so long live long weekends and long live my kindle.


Oh and if you are thinking about getting one… you should… they are great!


Seriously… do it… 

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