A Tale of Fortunate Events

I love it when really good things happen one after the other.  I must admit it doesn’t happen any where near as often as I would like, but it does happen and today was one of those moments.

The morning didn’t start that well, I started my training for the fun run I am doing with some friends of mine and if I were to say it went badly, that would be an understatement… seriously, it was not pretty, despite my determination and amazing outfit… it was rubbish, but it’s just the start I still have a long way to go, but I have now officially started working towards no. 36 on the list… ‘Do a fun run’… I am also hoping that it will help me with no. 1: ‘Lose 10kgs’ and that I will look great for my no. 59: ‘Go to a wedding’… Anyway, the day didn’t start that well and work was fine, nothing too exciting just your standard day, but as I was leaving work I got a call from another friend with some very exciting news.  He had managed to upgrade our seats for the Carrie Underwood concert we were going to later that night… we were now super super close.  So a little excited about that I headed home where I collected the mail and went inside.

I love getting snail mail, I always have, I have to admit that since I moved out of home the buzz has worn off slightly because I now get bills and boring mail too, but I still get excited when something unexpected comes through… and tonight I hit the jackpot… there was a package and two pretty envelopes… and bills NEVER come in pretty envelopes so I knew the must contain something good.   In the mail tonight I got an engagement invitation, a wedding invitation and package all the way from London.  Usually an invitation of any kind would make me enjoy my trip to the letter box, but two special invitations and a package… far out… the postie did well tonight.

The package was from my cousin in London, who had discovered that I love the royal family… a lot, so she sent me some things from the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… check it out:

A picnic rug, a magnet, a double-decker bus stress… bus, Wills and Kate masks and a program from the jubilee weekend… awesome… seriously awesome!

And then if that wasn’t enough we headed to the concert… which was jam packed with surprises including bad dancing… really bad dancing… mum’s being controlled by security and making thier kids move to other sits so that mum can see better, big hair, big hats and awesome music… Oh and did I mention the awesome upgrade of seats…

This afternoon truly was a tale of very fortunate events…

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