Pop Tart Imposter

On Saturday I made a discovery… and excellent discovery… I found pop tarts in the supermarket… well not real pop tarts but fake alternatives which are delicious.

As a kid my weekend breakfast was either nutrigrain (minus the milk) or Pop Tarts, these were the only things that my brother and I were allowed to ‘cook’ for ourselves before mum and dad got up… there had been a few accidents with unsupervised milk pouring.  Anyway, as a result I developed an unhealthy addiction to Pop Tarts… and nutrigrain… but mostly Pop Tarts.  This was all well and good until they suddenly became very rare in Australian Supermarkets… and when you could find them… expensive.  Since then whenever I find them… at a justifiable price, I buy them, because I don’t know how long it will be until I have them again. Even on our honeymoon in America I ate a lot of Pop Tarts just because they were there, it was strange to have them pretty much whenever I wanted.

Now I know that they aren’t good for me… but neither is bacon… or high sugar cereal… all which are considered valid breakfast options, but that is not the point… they are delicious, really delicious. Anyway, on the Saturday when I was at the supermarket get a few items I spotted these:

They look like Pop Tarts, smell like Pop Tarts and taste Pop Tarts, they are even imported from America just like Pop Tarts, but they are not Pop Tarts… but in the absence of real Pop Tarts I feel like I might have filled the void that had been left…

Here is the thing though…

If you are going to import these “Tasty Pastries” why not import the real thing?

Seriously… they are coming from America anyway… the real ones are even fortified with some extra vitamins and minerals… not that makes them that much better, but… well actually, I guess it does make them the better choice, but seriously… why? What is going on? Who is making these decisions?


The poorly informed about the import system, but ever Curious George

Happy Birthday Blog

Well here we are one year down the track of the most curious george… who would have thought… I am still actually really enjoying blogging, I am often behind, but I am still keen to make it work.  It’s nice to have it to look back on and see what I have achieved, what is still bugging me and to help keep pushing me forward. 

I still don’t know if anyone reads it, and I still don’t really mind… although I am still hoping that I will be ‘freshly pressed’ but until then it’s just me, writing about me and my life. 

I think in the next year of the blog I would like to be more vulnerable and honest… more opinionative… less sitting on the fence hoping I don’t offend people, because lets face it, that’s much more interesting to read… but it’s much harder to write… but I may as well try… what could I possibly lose?

Anyway, thanks for checking my blog out, maybe once or twice and seeing what I have to say… my site stats suggest that there is more than 1 person reading which is comforting, so I just want to say thanks and I hope that it’s been worth it, because I have been enjoying it.

I want to ride my bicycle

Yesterday I got a new bike… and I am quite excited.  I haven’t really ridden a bike all that much in the last couple of years, in fact I usually avoid it at all costs, but recently I have found myself looking at people’s pictures of the places they have just ridden to and being a little bit jealous, just like the way I feel about pictures of people who have just completed fun runs.  These are both things that I wish I could do.  Now I know that technically I can do them, I just don’t… but I think I am actually at the stage where I want to, but my body hasn’t quite caught up to my brain… I am going to have to practice and train… yuck…. but I will get there.

Anyway, yesterday in a moment of weakness, when Dave asked me what I wanted to do I suggested we go for a bike ride.  Sitting in my garage was a bike that my Dad had kindly given me when he returned from China.  It wasn’t anything special, but it was a bike, no gears, no normal pedals, but two wheels and a frame.  Once we got it back to our place Dave put some new peddles on and it had lived in the garaged until yesterday… when we dragged it out, dusted off the cobwebs and attempted to ride.

All was fine until I wanted to go up hill… no gears… no stamina… no can do… so I got off and walked.  At the top of the hill I got back on and started to ride again, a little bit downhill and then more up… this time I tried to persevere… but no… the bike broke… the pedal snapped clean off.  Luckily for all in the area I was in a ok mood by this stage… I didn’t cry… I didn’t throw the bike… I just got off and walked back home again.    

Once at home I mentioned that I would never ride that bike again and Dave… who loves to ride… decided it was time for me to have a new bike of my own… So off we went bike shopping… and here is my new… cheap… pink… but much more effective… bike with two well attached pedals… I then attempted the same ‘track’ again… and despite my lack of fitness, it was much more enjoyable… although hills are still hard… lucky Dave can give me a boost if I need it.  Oh and my new bike looked pretty awesome the whole way.

Oh and I got to cross no. 26 off the list.

Magical Haircuts

This week I have had a little time for pampering… well, when I say time I mean I crammed some appointments in to my week to make me feel human again.  This week has been nuts… but because it was the same last week and the week before and the week before that my hair has been slowly growing into a tangled mess which was almost touching my ever-expanding eyebrows.  So this week, between running around to different commitments, I managed to get my eyebrows waxed back into submission and my hair cut and coloured.  Too much information perhaps, but this is what happened.  Why am I telling you?  Well there are two things I find amazing about these experiences…

1.       How just doing something small can make you feel brand new.  I have been super exhausted all week, but these two little trips to the salon have somehow rejuvenated me, I feel like a real person again.  This is a far cry from the pretend girl I once was, who had an annual hair cut and not much else, I now really look forward to these experiences because I know they will make me feel better, like a functional member of society.

2.       The other thing I find amazing about getting my hair done or going to the ‘beauty salon’ is that for that half an hour to an hour that I am there it almost feels like time stops.  Sure the people who work there are buzzing around, but I just have to sit with a cup of tea, ready a trashy magazine and catch up on what’s happening with my favourite couple… Wills and Kate, while I just enjoy the music that is being played.  I can just check out for a little while, I am not expected to do anything or say anything… although hairdressers are always amazing at starting conversation, but that’s a whole blog in itself… but I can participate as much or as little as I like.  Sure as soon as I walk out the door life goes back to the full on pace it was moving at… in fact it’s kind of like merging back on to a freeway from a side street… it also always costs me more than I think is necessary, but I still love it.  Just a few moments where my whole purpose is to stop while the world continues around me.

So, having said all that, I am still tired, but my hair is great, my face is clean of unwanted hair and I feel like at least a small part of me is under control in my crazy busy life.