A Public Announcement Regarding Change Rooms

On Monday night I indulged in water aerobics again and as you do, I went into the change rooms after to dry off and swap into some regular clothes rather than my bathers… Now when I go to the change room I am a ‘do it quick, don’t make eye contact, show as little skin as possible and get out’ type of person… but I know that not everyone is like this there are others… others that have interesting habits… very interesting habits… so this is a community service announcement for women everywhere…

If you are using public changing rooms please take note of the following:

Do NOT take everything off… do half at a time, it’s not that hard… I know we all have the same bits and pieces but I don’t want to see yours. You don’t need to air them out, you don’t need to go for a walk once you are naked… just keep going and put your clothes on… you can be naked at home… not in public.

Do NOT do stretches clothed or unclothed… You can do stretches out in the foyer… or by the pool… the change room is not an appropriate place, in fact it’s just a little awkward.

Do NOT do exercises clothed or unclothed… see above… but also note that exercises in a change room are dangerous… everyone else is trying to get in and out so don’t be swinging your legs or arms around there is not enough space for that… this is a changing room the gym is through the door.

Do NOT stop for a snack… Seriously… I can’t believe this even happened… Don’t stop, turn around, sit down and pull out a container with cut up fruit and start eating… why do you need a snack half way through changing? Change rooms are dirty and they are for changing… quickly… not eating! Does there really need to be a sign that says do not eat? Surely it’s just common knowledge… plus when you stop for a snack… where do you look? I am not comfortable, despite my quick changing, to have someone just sitting having a look around just watching the world go by… it’s weird… and disturbing… put your pants on, leave the change rooms and then have a snack… don’t do it in the change rooms.

So there you go… here endith the community announcement.