Happy Birthday Blog

Well here we are one year down the track of the most curious george… who would have thought… I am still actually really enjoying blogging, I am often behind, but I am still keen to make it work.  It’s nice to have it to look back on and see what I have achieved, what is still bugging me and to help keep pushing me forward. 

I still don’t know if anyone reads it, and I still don’t really mind… although I am still hoping that I will be ‘freshly pressed’ but until then it’s just me, writing about me and my life. 

I think in the next year of the blog I would like to be more vulnerable and honest… more opinionative… less sitting on the fence hoping I don’t offend people, because lets face it, that’s much more interesting to read… but it’s much harder to write… but I may as well try… what could I possibly lose?

Anyway, thanks for checking my blog out, maybe once or twice and seeing what I have to say… my site stats suggest that there is more than 1 person reading which is comforting, so I just want to say thanks and I hope that it’s been worth it, because I have been enjoying it.

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