Pop Tart Imposter

On Saturday I made a discovery… and excellent discovery… I found pop tarts in the supermarket… well not real pop tarts but fake alternatives which are delicious.

As a kid my weekend breakfast was either nutrigrain (minus the milk) or Pop Tarts, these were the only things that my brother and I were allowed to ‘cook’ for ourselves before mum and dad got up… there had been a few accidents with unsupervised milk pouring.  Anyway, as a result I developed an unhealthy addiction to Pop Tarts… and nutrigrain… but mostly Pop Tarts.  This was all well and good until they suddenly became very rare in Australian Supermarkets… and when you could find them… expensive.  Since then whenever I find them… at a justifiable price, I buy them, because I don’t know how long it will be until I have them again. Even on our honeymoon in America I ate a lot of Pop Tarts just because they were there, it was strange to have them pretty much whenever I wanted.

Now I know that they aren’t good for me… but neither is bacon… or high sugar cereal… all which are considered valid breakfast options, but that is not the point… they are delicious, really delicious. Anyway, on the Saturday when I was at the supermarket get a few items I spotted these:

They look like Pop Tarts, smell like Pop Tarts and taste Pop Tarts, they are even imported from America just like Pop Tarts, but they are not Pop Tarts… but in the absence of real Pop Tarts I feel like I might have filled the void that had been left…

Here is the thing though…

If you are going to import these “Tasty Pastries” why not import the real thing?

Seriously… they are coming from America anyway… the real ones are even fortified with some extra vitamins and minerals… not that makes them that much better, but… well actually, I guess it does make them the better choice, but seriously… why? What is going on? Who is making these decisions?


The poorly informed about the import system, but ever Curious George