Twisted Chocolate

It’s been a while, but today I give you another curious George question… this is something that has been on my mind for a while, so I have decided to put it out onto the blogosphere and see what you guys think… One of my favourite silly party games is the chocolate game, which, for those of you like my husband, who are unfamiliar with the game, is played a little something like this… you need a block of chocolate… most often Cadbury, a knife and fork, some obscure items of clothing eg, gloves, hat/beanie, scarf, apron etc and a dice. Players sit in a circle around the chocolate and roll the dice, if they get a 6 they go to the middle of the circle, put on the clothes and then use the knife and fork to cut one piece of chocolate at a time and eat it. They continue until another person in the circle rolls a 6. It is a legitimate game… it even has it’s own wiki page… and apparently it is sometimes referred to as Dog’s Dinner… although I have never heard of that.

Anyway… my question is this… All my life I have played with the standard dairy milk block which looks like this….

There is now a new style of chocolate block… the Cadbury marvelous block… it’s shape is quite unique… it looks like this…

So which would be harder to play the chocolate game with? Would the odd shape of the marvelous block increase the excitement and difficulty factor of the game? Or would the reduced amount of blocks and the increased size of the block make it easier…

What would make a better chocolate game? Marvelous or Standard?


The curious and now hungry chocoholic George…

oh and please note that a depressingly small amount of chocolate was actually consumed by me in the making of the blog.

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