Why all the boring photos?

I love love love love photos… I always have and probably always will.  I love them because they record things that my brain might forget.  They capture a moment in time so perfectly that when you look back at it it’s almost like you are back there.  They remind me of places, memories and people that perhaps would otherwise just be passed right over and they never get boring.

Over the past 3 years (this being my third) I have attempted to take at least one photo a day in something known as project365… in fact you can look at last year’s here… some of the photos are rubbish, some are awesome, some are silly, some are serious, some are pointless but others are significant. I really enjoy having this visual journal to look back over from time to time and it’s something I think I will continue to do… as long as the space on my computer holds up.  It’s been a really simple way for me to remember things, experiences and events all in a snap shot.

Anyway, since I started doing this lots of other photo ‘challenges’ have come up… one of the most common is #photoaday, a monthly challenge to take a picture everyday using a list of prompts provided.  There are lots of different places that give you a list of prompts, but I get mine from fatmumslim, and I have playing along at home and sharing via instagram, but I decided that this month I would put them on the blog as well… so I hope it’s not too boring, but it gives you a snap shot of my day.  Some of these pictures will become my project365 photo, others will just be a bonus, but each picture makes me stop for a least a minute each day to stop and appreciate something, whether it be small or large.  And in my super busy life it’s nice to take a moment to stop and appreciated.