200 blogs later…

This is my 200th blog… well actually it’s my 203rd blog, because being the silly duffer that I am I forgot to post some Wordless Wednesdays and now I have moved this one down the list… anyway, it’s still a pretty massive milestone really, well I think so anyway… It’s taken me just over a year to get here and while it might still be only for me, I hope that others have found at least some of it, informative if not entertaining. I know recently my blogs have been a little disjointed and have had very little words, but they have still managed to do what I originally intended… record my life so that when I look back I can see what I have done and how far I have come…

In fact when I have a look at how far I have come from my very first blog I am actually amazed… and because I love a good stat… check this out:

It all started back in 2006, (on the 17th of June to be exact) with my first blog… which, unfortunately was self titled… but now I refer to it as ‘the original’… and there I posted 125 posts and had 1033 page views… some of my most hilarious work… and my original list of 100 things to do.

In 2009 after a little break there was ‘22 adventures’ which documented my journey to Castlemaine as a 22 year old… this was a particularly challenging chapter of my life and while perhaps not all of it made it to the blog I am so thankful that it is there for me to have as a reminder of how much I grew and the things I accomplished. Oh and on that blog even though it was only a year I posted 213 blogs 1147 page views

While I was posting my life away on 22 adventures I decided that I could also get a little bit of spiritual accountability from the blogosphere… enter ‘immeasurably more’… 50 posts and 276 page views

Once I turned 23 I wasn’t ready to quit… although I did not long after… but I moved on to ‘Just add one scoop of randomness’ which despite the fact that it lasted less than a year still allowed me to share 65 blogs of wisdom… and have 762 page views… and while I was blogging here I also started my very first project365… which had a blog of it’s own containing 117posts and 364 page views…

And now I am here… 203posts later and 5569 page views… and still going strong… well strongish and because I am sick of moving blogs… I am here to stay…

So if you do the math… that actually makes this my 800th blog… and 9151 page views… which… if you are a negative Nancy… or a Pessimistic Paul… is a lot of wasted time and words… but I am not so I don’t mind…

For me that is 800 moments of my life, good, bad, ugly, perfect and everything in between… there have been serious blogs, honest blogs, silly blogs and a whole lot of catching up. Even now it still isn’t quite where I want it to be, but I think it’s getting closer… maybe… I still wish I was more honest and felt comfortable blogging about the things that really burdened my heart, but I am not quite there yet. Sometimes I get super confident and put it out there, but most of the time I end up giving a tamer, more politically correct version of my thoughts, because just because I think them doesn’t mean they need to be, or should be shared… and most of the time it is actually better when my brain filter engages.

I don’t think there have been any life changing moments and I am pretty sure I have written about three of these blogs questioning the purpose of my blogging as well as promising to be more honest… in fact recently I have even been questioning whether I want all this stuff out there on the internet… but I think its too late for that now. Maybe one day in years to come they will dig up this website and I will become one of those anonymous women of history who people try to trace back and find the long lost family of… that would be cool… unlikely, but cool. I guess when I look back I have tried new things, had some fun adventures, and hopefully matured a little as I have gone… but when I look really close I am still the same Curious George I started as… just documenting life so that I can reminisce whenever I want to…

2 thoughts on “200 blogs later…

  1. I love your blogs Em, keep it up! I don’t always comment on them, but I always read them. You have a wonderful way with words and it is most entertaining to read about your adventures etc. Love you so much!

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