Another placement over

Once again I have been on placement and just like last placement my blog has been neglected while I was there, and a little bit after too while I get my life sorted out… but here are some things I have learnt this time around:

  1. I actually know more chemistry than I thought I did, I just need to not question myself
  2. I still suck at physics… it really isn’t a strong point
  3. I am definitely a structured person… I like the bell, I like lesson times, I like break times… I like organisation and know what will happen… I love the timetable!
  4. I think it’s all going to be ok, if I can survive study and full time work and the lack of holidays that it causes… I can do anything… seriously anything.
  5. Even if you have officially finished placement, you can still take home a pile of marking!
  6. Real people actually fall for online ‘Nigerian customs’ scams and lose a lot of money… please see public announcement to follow in the days ahead.

So there you go… that’s my wrap up from the second placement for 2012… no more placement until 2013…

2 thoughts on “Another placement over

  1. Congratulation love, I’m proud of you for your work, I hope next ones suck less. Maybe we should have a timetable and bell times at home to keep you better organised?

  2. You’re very brave for your comment Dave, but it may just work. Lol. Well done Em on getting through your placement, I’m proud of you too.

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