Now I can breathe

Last night I handed in my final assessment piece for the first year of my grad dip ed, and even though I have another whole year next year, I feel like I can breathe again. This last semester has been long and tiring and I am really glad that it is over. I am not really sure why it has been so bad, but it has been exhausting and now just having full time work feels like a holiday, which is kind of nice.  Anyway, I just thought I should touch base and let you know that I am alive, and I have survived… oh and I now only have 2 months to cross the next 40 odd things off the list.

I Should Have Known Better

There are some things that you should know living in Melbourne…

1. Always be prepared for any weather
2. If it’s spring and you are walking through a park… keep your eyes out for magpies coz they hurt (so I’m told) if they get you in the back of the head.
3. If you are out in the middle of the day you should have sunscreen on… please see point 1

This weekend I have been away celebrating the bride to be who is also soon to be my sister-in-law and it has been quite an extravagant weekend… we have had delicious high tea, dinner by the sea, a spa, movies and a day at the hot springs down on the peninsula. This last stop was something that I had not done before, in fact before I got the invitation I didn’t even know that the peninsula had hot springs… but they do and they are actually very very lovely. Anyway, while at the springs last weekend I got really sunburnt… but it wasn’t the sunburn that irritated me most, although it was annoying and kinda sore, it was actually the fact that I should have known better.

I live in Australia… we are right under the ozone hole… we get burnt… all the time… and even though it was freezing cold and very very very overcast, I should have known better… As a kid, I was always told you can still get burnt if it’s cloudy, you can still get burnt if it’s cold… you can still get burnt even if you do all the right things. So… as I have now had my first burn of the season…. before summer has even started… here is my warning to all of you, who like me simply forgot what I know… even if it’s cold and overcast… if you are outside in your bathers… put on some sunscreen… or spend a week sticky from aloe vera and unable to carry your handbag with the shoulder strap…

I am a Runner… kinda

It is done… I made it… albeit very very slowly, but I have finished the 10km run as part of this years Melbourne Marathon, and despite the fact that I am a little bit underwhelmed because it doesn’t really compare to the 21.1km the halfers just ran or the 42 the Marathon runners conquered, I am still pretty proud of myself… and I am thinking that maybe my second half marathon won’t be as impossible as I originally thought… but maybe that’s just the excitement of finishing this morning that’s talking… anyway, these are some of my favourite pictures from today… please pay no attention to my red face… that’s normal… I hope…