Three Quarters Done

It’s been a while since I did a list update, so if you are not interested in what is and isn’t crossed off the list then please continue to the next blog, but if you are here is what has happened since my last update here it is…

A lot has been happening since July and a few more things have been chipped off the list… So once again here is what I have done so far… click the links on the ones that have their own special blog for the full details if you wish…

2. Make my own ice cream

3. Read 6 books

8. Make a photo book with our wedding photos

13. Make breakfast muffins

16. Bake Meringues

19. See some fireworks

22. Watch a sunset with Dave

24. Finish watching Mcleod’s Daughters

25. Fix up super stuff

26. Ride a push bike at least once

28. Go and hear live music

30. Go Camping

31. Go to the museum

32. Stay at the Langham

33. Get our wedding pictures framed – completed 21/7/12

It is so nice to have our pictures framed and up and I think that they look amazing… very very very happy!

34. Have a bath

35. Make a mocktail

36. Do a fun run/walk – completed 26/8/12

I have officially crossed this off the list, although I am not done yet so I have broken it into two parts… so for now I have completed a fun walk… the Parkinson’s Walk with some work colleagues…. but next weekend I am doing a fun run as part of the Melbourne Marathon series so watch this space… that will be part 2.

37. Go on a Road trip

39. See a Musical

40. Have a rainbow paddlepop

42. Finish unpacking my stuff in the study

55. Clean the gunk off the little hav

56. Eat at 10 different breakfast places

58. Visit a country town I have never been to before

59. Go to a Wedding – completed 22/9/12

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged enough to witness some good friends of mine get married, it was a beautiful day and such a lovely wedding.  I am so thankful for both of these guys and that I could be part of this special day!

57. Bust a move in a random location

60. See the fire balls at crown

62. Learn a new joke

63. Visit Castlemaine

64. Visit Bendigo

65. Do my own washing once

68. Wash my own car – completed 7/7/12

This was actually more difficult than it sounds, I am actually quite week and the high pressure hose is not… therefore when washing my car I look like an idiot trying to control the hose enough to effectively wash my car… luckily Dave seems to be happy to help out!

70. Send 5 Cards just because – completed 2/7/12

Every one likes a random card…

71. Play with playdough

72. Have a hot jam donut

73. Go to a football game

76. Go a term without Maccas

77. Sing in the shower – completed 7/7/12

This one doesn’t get a picture… trust me, you’d thanks me

79. Go to the beach at least three times

80. Go up a look out and look over the city – completed: 7/7/12

Dave and I went up to the top of Mt Dandenong, had a lovely lunch and a little look out… on a beautiful winter day too I might add.

81. Have a pot of tea

83. Bake something for work

84. Do 3 exercise classes

86. Get and exercise piggy bank

89. Go to a concert of Dave’s – completed 4/8/12

This was probably the most extravagant school concert I have ever been to, complete with a 7 course dinner and my spunky husband doing his thing.

95. Check my car’s oil

96. Swim laps at the pool – completed 27/8/12

After deciding it would be bad taste to take a picture of either me or others actually swimming in the pool, I opted for a picture of my goggles instead… enjoy

97. Do a water areobics class

98. Play with sparklers

99. Try and espresso

So there you go… I’m now over three quarters of the way through, still a bit to go, but once again this is a nice reminder to get back on track with a couple of the longer term list items… I still need to be more deliberate about cooking dinner, exercising and doing my devotions, I still need to stop eating chocolate at breakfast, and I still need to keep focused on my weight loss, chores and date days… I can’t cross them off the list if they are not done, and they need to be done… But so far not too bad,  I am getting there and still having fun doing it.. only 49 to go.

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